Orlando, Florida, October 17, 2017 – (INTUITION) – Benefiting the full lifecycle of the vacation ownership industry, Cyria Group, Inc. provides resort developers the tools to navigate fast, smooth, and effective strategies that facilitate solutions for timeshare trade-ins and transfers, all while exceeding the expectations of vacation owners.

Cyria Group is a marketing and sales support company focused on the fulfillment of timeshare trade-ins with complete commitment to retention on behalf of its resort partners and developers. Cyria’s core focus is to assist resorts and developers in utilizing inventory and generating revenue while continuing to offer sustainable fulfillment options.

“The majority of timeshare owners are satisfied with their current membership. Cyria Group’s resort partners identify the benefits that captivate that audience to help owners that are disappointed in their investment,” states Cory Stegemann, CEO, Cyria Group, Inc. “As a company, we’re not only willing to provide solutions for unhappy owners, we’re passionate about making a difference so people can enjoy their well-deserved vacations instead of stressing over them.”

One solution offered by Cyria Group’s resort partners help owners that are burdened by annual maintenance fees and lack of use, to navigate from their timeshare ownership into a travel club that offers substantial benefits to the owners including the opportunity to pay as they travel, such as only paying maintenance fees if used. Travel clubs give members access to timeshare units and resorts around the world without the responsibility of owning one.

Cyria Group also works directly with respected vacation ownership companies to offer trade-in services at point of sale of a new timeshare interval. This allows the consumer who already has an existing perhaps older timeshare, to receive fair consideration for their current ownership against the purchase of a newer, more mainstream timeshare with a modern brand that offers more variety of resorts, destinations and benefit packages.

The Client Care Portal makes tracking the progress of trade-ins and transfers much easier and more enjoyable for both owners and developers. It was built specifically to support the sales process from start to finish. Once a client buys with the resort and uses the services, they are able to access to the most up-to-date information about their transfer throughout the entire process.

The Client Care Portal excels with its supportive tools which take away the need to wait for documents to arrive in the mail, and Cyria Group customers can manage one or multiple transfers directly from their home computer. The secure portal allows users to download and upload the necessary documents for their individual accounts or a family trust, making it the one-stop source for any of their needs.

For more information about Cyria Group visit http://www.cyriagroup.com


About Cyria Group, Inc.

Cyria Group is a marketing and sales support company that assists resort developers with the fulfillment of trade-ins and transfers for timeshare intervals, through reliable cloud-based software at point of sale. With a proven track record, Cyria Group supports ethical and transparent solutions that benefit all parties. For more information visit http://www.cyriagroup.com.