The iStratus® Business Platform is enterprise software in the palm of your hand!

Introducing iStratus® Timeshare Property Management—robust mobile software that connects front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and management operations in real time. It empowers users to manage tasks and projects through instant status updates during the changeover cycle, from guest check out to check in.

iStratus Timeshare Property Management provides a seamless operations system for timeshare companies. It streamlines the process of changeover days, midweek cleans, guest requests and periodic tasks; it permanently stores key unit history and information. iStratus leverages Dropbox cloud storage and runs on the Apple iOS operating system on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Designed for the mobile environment, iStratus is streamlined, user-friendly and doesn’t require Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. With this platform, data is shared, secure and always available in the cloud.

“Imagine eliminating walkie-talkie noise, handwritten sticky notes, forms, texts, and phone calls. That’s what iStratus can do for your operation,” says Don Segal, iStratus LLC Chief Executive Officer. “Your team will be connected like never before with calm, quiet, organized digital communication. You will know when a team member has started or finished working on a task or project. It allows you, as a manager, to plan, monitor unit status, and to intervene in real time when needed to affect an outcome.

iStratus Timeshare Property Management, powered by iStratus Business Platform, is an industry-specific solution designed to maximize operational efficiency, productivity, and communication. Here are some of its specific capabilities.

Users can:
• Assign daily tasks to team members;
• See instant status on front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance operations;
• Manage priorities;
• Review work history of units;
• Run productivity reports; and
• Plan, organize, and store business information.

Improve communication:
• Provide efficient digital communication between management, front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance;
• Increase efficiency during intense changeover days;
• Deliver quick response to guest requests; and
• Receive instant feedback from team members.

Unit status updates in real time:
• Managers and front desk agents can make timely decisions to coordinate the workflow of housekeeping and maintenance; and
• Expedite turnover by monitoring unit status.

Streamline tasks from the palm of your hand:
• It’s paperless: eliminate lost sticky notes and forms; and
• Know when a task is assigned, the progress of that task, and task completion.

Obtain instant access to key business information:
• Store images of unit-specific details (e.g. breaker boxes, kitchen inventory, electronics, etc.);
• Archive general front desk, concierge and unit information; and
• Access the unit history, including tasks performed, décor, damages, repairs, and client requests.

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