INTUITION Partners With Coach MJ For Kung Fu Leadership Program

Coach MJINTUITION Brand Marketing, a business strategy agency that specializes in sales, marketing and customer engagement has partnered with Coach MJ, an inspirational author and international speaker to produce a new leadership development program.

Kung Fu loosely translates to “skillful work, hard training, time spent” and Coach MJ has created a series of leadership development seminars and workshops that adopt a Kung Fu mindset to deliver a supportive culture and a winning team philosophy and companies across many industries.

“Unleash the Kung Fu Warrior within your Leadership Team and see the impact it has on every aspect of your business. From top level leadership seminars to team-wide workshops, we work with clients to adapt our programs to suit their needs to empower their teams in sales, marketing, customer experience. We are delighted to partner with INTUITION and look forward to working with their valued clients.“ Says Coach MJ.

The Kung Fu Leadership Program is available to any company, but the strategic partnership with INTUIITON provides its clients with substantial preferential rates for the seminars and workshops.

INTUITION offers a wide range of services – in addition to sales and marketing solutions, it also builds and manages customer engagement programs for hundreds of vacation industry resorts. These programs identify areas of success and areas for improvement and the data generated is used by clients to make critical business decisions and reward performance. The Kung Fu Leadership program will be able to tap into that data and offer a structured path for leaders and teams to follow that helps them better understand the impact of customer satisfaction on sales revenue and team performance and morale.

“We are always looking to provide additional value to our clients that also compliments our own services, and this is another partnership that we know many of our clients will benefit from.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing.

Coach MJ Tolan has more than 30+ years in sales and marketing driven industries and is an accomplished author, international speaker and world-class facilitator.

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Trusted by companies around the globe, INTUITION is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with their guests through custom-built customer engagement strategies. Offering unrivaled insights, analytics and automated reporting, INTUITION provides clearly defined areas for improvement across all aspects of sales, marketing and resort operations in order to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. For more information visit

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