As the top sponsor of Champions for Charity an event benefiting Send Me On VacationGrand Pacific Resorts had already donated for the opportunity to present four vacations to breast cancer survivors. When they learned the non-profit was just short of their $50,000 goal, the team came together and added $900 to their donation so that Send Me On Vacation could exceed their goal.

Grand Pacific Resorts, a timeshare management company, has a longstanding relationship with Send Me On Vacation, an organization that provides much-needed vacations to financially disadvantaged breast cancer survivors so they can rest and find rejuvenation with family. By exceeding their goal of $50,000, Send Me On Vacation will be able to give 50 more families impacted by breast cancer the vacation they deserve.

In addition to the financial donation, Grand Pacific Resorts also presented four women, who are either breast cancer survivors or currently going through treatment for breast cancer, with vacation certificates that timeshare owners donated through Grand Pacific Resort’s  vacation donation program Revive & Thrive.

“When you’re going through a cancer diagnosis,” says Renee Wagner, Director of Creative Services and Brand Management for Grand Pacific Resorts, “the constant setbacks can be suffocating. These vacations, though, are like a breath of fresh air, allowing them to take a break from the struggle. It gives them a chance to put their mind on something else for even just a moment, and that is incredibly powerful. To be able to be the one who presents them with the vacations is such an honor; the feeling really is indescribable.”

Last October, Grand Pacific Resorts and Send Me On Vacation took their relationship to the next level and partnered to launch Revive & Thrive, a program on Grand Pacific Resorts’ internal exchange network, Grand Pacific Exchange. Timeshare Owners with Grand Pacific Resorts can directly donate their annual week of vacation to a much deserving breast cancer survivor and their family. The program has already resulted in multiple vacation donations; four of which were presented to families in need at Champions for Charity.

“We were so moved learning about the mission of Send Me On Vacation, and how they’re giving a much needed reprieve to women battling breast cancer,” says Charles and Elaine Newman, Grand Pacific Resorts timeshare owners who attended Champions for Charity. “Seeing that Grand Pacific Resorts is committed to community service and support makes us proud to be owners, and attending Champions for Charity motivated us to do even more. We decided together to donate to Send Me On Vacation the day after attending Champions for Charity! It’s a wonderful cause and we love being a part of it.”

Through their partnership, and with the support of local contributors and passionate associates, Grand Pacific Resorts and Send Me On Vacation will continue to help breast cancer survivors go on the vacation of a lifetime, without financial burden.