Orlando, Florida, June 16, 2017 – (INTUITION) – INTUITION, a powerful Customer Engagement Solution that is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with guests and manage online reputation has unveiled additional SMS integrations enabling properties to entice guests to spend more during their vacation.

“SMS Marketing in general is more effective than email marketing, this is evident from the 98% open rates, but what is most interesting is that 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent. Applying that response rate to time sensitive on-site messaging at a hotel or resort can quickly drive guests to purchase discounted services or activities at times of the day or week that would normally be very slow,” explains Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing.

INTUITION offers custom-built guest engagement strategies for clients, that can include pre-arrival marketing, several on-site communication tools, post-stay surveys including integrated TripAdvisor Review Form and much more.

The SMS marketing module has now been enhanced. It can now automatically serve targeted messages to guests based on previously identified preferences and interests collected by any of the other INTUITION services or client data.

For example, if a guest clicked on a SPA related item in a pre-arrival email, that guest could then receive a discounted SPA treatment offer after they have checked in direct to their cell phone for a pre-determined day of the week that the resort knows the SPA is not so busy.

“There are so many applications for this, and our existing clients continue to educate us with new ways to utilize these features – and we then build the necessary processes to bring those campaigns to life,” Mattimoe states.

At the core of INTUITION is an unrivaled Business Intelligence platform which centralizes multiple data sets, identifies areas for improvement throughout an organization and provides each department with clear information that helps them make critical business decisions faster.

The company reported that the additional SMS features are the first of three enhancements to be released before the end of this year relating to Mobile communications and on-site communications.

INTUITION Brand Marketing which is based in Orlando, Florida, has recently expanded its team in Latin America due to rapid growth in the region. The company also provides multi-lingual solutions to clients throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

The technologically advanced service continues to increase marketshare by taking the complication out of understanding customer data and empowering each operational department to make improvements and business decisions much faster, increasing efficiency, revenue and improving reputation. For more information visit http://intuitionbrandmarketing.com/tour



Trusted by companies around the globe, INTUITION is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with their guests through custom-built customer engagement strategies that increase revenue and improve brand reputation. By interacting with guests at various points along the customer journey, INTUITION provides advanced insights into the experience you deliver and identifies areas for improvement across the spectrum of resort operations. Using its powerful business intelligence platform, INTUITION combines newly generated data with your existing data to produce deep dive analytics and scheduled reporting that empowers departments to make accurate business decisions based on unified data. For more information visit http://intuitionbrandmarketing.com