SMOV logoSend Me On Vacation (SMOV), a charity providing vacations for breast cancer survivors, held its first women’s empowerment workshop at the Grand Mayan Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The resort, nestled amidst the lush tropical forests of the Riviera Maya, was the site of SMOV’s inaugural Mermaid’s Journey Workshop. During the four-day workshop, eight survivors from the Cancun area were award dream vacations.

Mermaid’s Journey reflects The charities decision to expand its programming for the coming year to focus on both cancer survival and survivor empowerment.

“We believe empowering women is the best preventative measure in fighting the disease, says Cathy Backus, president, SMOV. A healthy mind supports a healthy body. Finding your inner Mermaid enables you to discover you’re greatest self, and do it all with the beauty and grace of a Mermaid.”

The experiential workshop by the sea invites participants to unlock the power of their intuition and the wisdom that lies beneath the surface of the conscious mind. The goal is to tap into each survivors emotional intelligence enabling her to create life choices that lead her to greater peace, strength, happiness and fulfillment. Guided by a cutting-edge process called “Interactive Guided-imagery, participants will learn to become more attuned to the messages of their subconscious mind. The workshop is led by Rebecca Shaw, CCH, owner and director, Charleston Hypnosis Center. During the past twenty years, Rebecca has delivered amazing results to her clients including celebrities, professional athletes and top business executives.

The Grand Mayan-Riviera Maya was the ideal resort to host the program “A Mermaids Journey.” The first empowerment vacation was sponsored by SFX Preferred Resorts and Vida Vacations. Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the resorts expansive property filled with traditional Mayan art and culture creates an atmosphere of transformation. For information, visit (

About Send Me On Vacation

Launched in 2010, Send Me On Vacation has as a mission to provide much-needed vacations for women with breast cancer who have undergone treatment and need a place to rejuvenate and heal their body, mind and spirit. The organization sets itself apart from similar charities by providing life-altering empowering experiences that come with well- deserved vacations.

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