Community 5, Interval InternationalInterval International, a prominent worldwide provider of vacation services and an operating business of Interval Leisure Group (Nasdaq: IILG), is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its members-only forum, Interval Community. With more than 208,000 participants worldwide, it is one of the largest timeshare social networking forums in the world. In celebration, Interval is launching a five-day member giveaway, “Community Turns 5!,” starting May 26th.

“For years, our passionate members have been sharing ideas and providing each other with meaningful feedback,” said Madeline Berges, Interval’s vice president of e-commerce and digital marketing. “Community Turns 5! is our nod to them for growing the forum into a trusted space that participants can access for key insights. It has become an invaluable asset for both members and Interval alike.”

Housed on, Community was born in 2010 to create a collaborative environment, where members could communicate regularly to gather tips, solicit feedback, and give candid advice. To date, they’ve made more than 95,000 posts, and viewed nearly 196,000 pages in March.

“Be flexible on dates and resorts, and you increase your options…” PixTaker

“Savvy exchangers plan far ahead… They do this by depositing as early as possible.” Malscreen 1

”It was very family friendly, and they had tons of activities.” AnnRamirezCMP

“What is the difference between going on a trip as a Getaway or an Exchange?” Rmajette

More than just a site to discuss travel advice, Community has become a place for participants to share their personal vacation, timeshare, and exchange experiences. “Some of our most active members have even formed friendships over the years,” added Berges.

“They discuss family-friendly vacations, the best values at different destinations, favorite activities, and post vacation photos.”

The forum’s growth coincides with Interval’s increased reach across social media. Recently, Interval announced another milestone: surpassing 250,000 followers on Facebook. In addition to Community and Facebook, Interval is active on other social media platforms, such as Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin. “By keeping our finger on the pulse, we have been able to engage audiences across all our social media outlets,” Berges concluded. “The key to our success has been creating content that inspires passion for travel and listening closely to our members’ needs.”

Open to all Interval members, “Community Turns 5!” will be promoted across Interval’s print and online outlets to increase awareness about Community and its benefits, recognize participants, and generate excitement about joining the forum. It will include five days of themed activities, giveaways, and a grand prize.

About Interval International

Interval International operates membership programs for vacationers and provides value-added services to its developer clients worldwide. Based in Miami, Florida, the company has been a pioneer and innovator in serving the vacation ownership market since 1976. Today, Interval’s exchange network is comprised of more than 2,900 resorts in over 80 nations. Through offices in 16 countries, Interval offers high-quality products and benefits to resort clients and approximately 2 million families who are enrolled in various membership programs. Interval is an operating business of Interval Leisure Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: IILG), a leading global provider of non-traditional lodging, encompassing a portfolio of leisure businesses from exchange and vacation rental to vacation ownership.