March 16, 2017 – America’s Trains Inc. (ATs) has announced that its all-inclusive Journey by Rail vacations on luxurious rebuilt passenger railroad cars are being offered as timeshares (Train’Shares).

Barry Jones, CEO of ATs said, “Journeys are unexcelled, five star vacations on tracks. They offer incomparably unique experiences not otherwise available, at a relatively low cost.”

Starting in late 2017 a growing number of diverse seven night Journeys by Rail on luxurious timeshared passenger rail cars will be available throughout the USA and into Canada traveling as part of Amtrak trains and other railroads, with access to over 20,000 miles of track. Journeys are on ‘train sets’ that include a combination of up to five sleeper, dining and lounge cars, and on single self sufficient ‘private cars’. They include extended layovers at intriguing en-route destinations, where cars are dropped off by one and picked up by a subsequent Amtrak or other train, allowing passengers to live on board while enjoying many unique off-car experiences. There are no comparable rail vacations in the USA.

Fixed week timeshares (Train’Shares) are sold on train sets. Train’Share ownership includes rights to annual or biennial all-inclusive Journeys by Rail for two passengers in a designated room category during a designated time period on a specified rail car. Owners have floating week privileges because they can also travel in any available car at any time on routes of their choice. As members of the Owners Association, Train’Share buyers have rights to rail car assets.

Annual or biennial Train’Shares are for a 10 year ‘initial’ or a ‘perpetual’ term. Initial terms can be converted to perpetual terms.

Train’Share owners owe annual maintenance fees to pay for fixed and reoccurring administrative costs, and all-inclusive fees for each Journey that is used to pay for variable and consumable operating expenses, including locomotives. If a Journey by Rail is not used, no fees have to be paid. ATs guarantees that no unexpected fee increases will occur.

The retail value of unused Journeys by Rail and related consumer demand creates a ready source of rental revenue that supports favorable Train’Share resale prices. ATs will buy Train’Shares back at a price that provides Owners with valuable considerations at least equal to the amount they paid for their Train’Share.

Available ATs Journeys can be exchanged for a worldwide selection of luxury resort vacations through RCI, which includes Registry Collection affiliation.

ATs presently sells time periods not yet assigned to sold Train’Shares as individual Journeys by Rail for about $13,000, a favorable price compared to much higher fares for equivalent luxury train vacations in other countries. The total cost of initial term Train’Share Journeys over 10 years including the annualized initial purchase price and fees is about 47% of the $13,000 retail fare. The cost for a perpetual Train’Share Journey is around 38%.

ATs also offers a 1/12th, 1/8th and 1/6th fractional interest ownership of self sufficient private cars. Among other rights, fractional interest owners can select their own preferred itineraries.

Jones said that, “Older, classic rail cars are rebuilt beyond Amtrak mechanical specifications with superior passenger amenities. Properly maintained cars built in the 1930s are still in service. Within five years about 60 cars with a total of 190 bedrooms and 8,400 Train’Shares will provide unsurpassed accommodations, dining, and lounge facilities, with superb and uniquely personalized passenger service.”

Journey by Rail vacations provide accommodations and all-inclusive services for two passengers with fine dining, complimentary beverages of all kinds, 24 hour room service, gratifying on-board things to do, and an endless choice of optional activities at en-route destinations. Special theme Journeys will feature golf, skiing, other specific activities and attendance at special events.

Deluxe bedrooms have an oversized queen bed and a plush lounge chair that converts into a separate single bed. All bedrooms have private bathrooms with showers and many convert to private daytime sitting rooms, if desired.

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