March 16, 2017 – The Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers 180 vacation destinations across the globe for members, including locations in 52 countries. Royal Holiday Vacation Club provides members with convenience, flexibility, freedom, and a unique vacation experience, as well as options for five different levels of membership.

Convenience With 180 destinations in 52 countries, including owned properties and affiliations with high-end hotels, resorts, villas, condominiums, and cruises, Royal Holiday members can use their credits to easily book travel to dozens of popular locations, as well as many that are off the beaten path. Becoming a member locks in travel rates for up to 30 years, providing incredible value to anyone interested in saving money on frequent travel.

Flexibility Royal Holiday member credits can be used at any Royal Holiday (or affiliate) destination. In cases where members don’t have enough credits for intended travel, it’s easy to upgrade to the next level of membership or simply purchase additional credits in order to book a longer vacation, add more travelers (including non-members), or take advantage of available upgrades like larger rooms. Royal Holiday offers flexibility to members as a way to ensure that everyone is able to plan the perfect vacation.

Freedom Member credits can be applied to any vacation plan booked through Royal Holiday and may be used however members see fit to pay for offered services. In cases where members are unable to use credits earned in a given year, credits may be transferred to the following year.

The first year, members can transfer 100% of credits to the following year, adding them to the next year’s credits in order to book a longer trip, take advantage of upgrades, or include additional travelers. If any travel credits go unused for two years in a row, only 20% of credits from each of the previous two years can be rolled over for use in the third year, along with credits earned in the third year.

Experience Royal Holiday Vacation Club wants members to enjoy a travel experience, not just a trip. The goal is to create a pleasurable, memorable experience that is made more convenient and flexible with annual membership credits that lock in prices for travel and allow for easy upgrades and add-ons.

Royal Holiday employs a team of 3,000 vacation professionals operating in their home base of Mexico, as well as the U.S., the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. High standards for member service enhance the vacation experience.

Levels of Membership Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers five levels of membership: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Royal. Bronze members receive 10,000 credits annually, silver members receive 20,000, gold members receive 30,000, platinum members receive 60,000, and royal members receive 75,000. Higher levels of membership receive additional benefits, including more options for properties, upgrades, transfers, advance booking, reduced pricing, freebies, and VIP services.



About Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is a Mexico-based vacation club that operates in 52 countries on six continents (North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia) and has over 100,000 members. Royal Holiday was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1992.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Royal Holiday Vacation Club Phone: (81) 5980-1140