SPI Software has announced a preferred partnership with LeisureLink, delivering added value to their shared clients. SPI prides itself in providing innovative best-in-class technology products and services to the shared ownership arena. LeisureLink is the leading distribution and revenue management technology and service provider for the timeshare and vacation rental markets.

The SPI and LeisureLink interface is two-way and provides client partners with seamless communication between technology platforms. The result is an automated system that efficiently improves inventory distribution through all major Online Travel Agency (OTA) websites and the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

“SPI is committed to providing best-in-class solutions for our partners, not simply software,” says Richard Corso, CEO of SPI Software. “Online distribution is critical for most every resort. Shared ownership facilities have unique distribution and revenue management needs and LeisureLink is the clear industry-specialist. Our firms share a commitment to client service and innovation making a natural fit which benefits our shared clients,” states Corso.

LeisureLink’s full service offering includes expert merchandising, revenue management, and distribution optimization. LeisureLink CEO, Julian Castelli, adds “LeisureLink brings seamless access to the industry’s leading online travel distribution channels that pair well with SPI’s software suite. We are excited to combine our industry expertise with SPI’s advanced software capabilities and know this partnership will keep SPI customers ahead of the competition, generating greater revenue and expanding profitability.”

About SPI Software

SPI Software provides resort developers and operators of timeshare, vacation clubs and mixed use properties with Web-based and Microsoft.NET-based software solutions.  SPI’s flagship software product, Orange, includes modules for marketing, sales, property management (PMS), finance, maintenance fee and receivables servicing, centralized reservations(CRS), owner services, advanced reporting and website applications.

Founded in 1978 and based in Miami, FL, SPI may be reached at 305-858-9505, or info@spiinc.com.

Media Contact for SPI Software: Erika Stewart, Client Communications Manager

Erika.Stwewart@spiinc.com or info@spiinc.com

About LeisureLink

Salt Lake City-based LeisureLink’s distribution services offer vacation rental properties the opportunity to distribute to top online travel agencies like Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb and HomeAway, all the major GDS players and top travel sites. Suppliers can manage their online distribution from one platform – optimizing rates, availability, specials, and content changes. LeisureLink’s specialty consulting services leverage industry experts who understand travel distribution and maximize revenues. LeisureLink consolidates all accounting, payables and receivables with a single source of payment, providing clarity to the often-complex world of distribution.  This comprehensive service helps LeisureLink clients generate more money and save more time.  For more information, visit LeisureLink.com.

Media Contact for LeisureLink: Amy Ochoa, Marketing Manager press@leisurelink.com