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Industry software leaders announce platform integration for greater sales and marketing analytics and business intelligence

Leading software providers Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership (Merlin) and TrackResults have announced the launch of a joint (API), providing Merlin’s clients with immediate access to TrackResults detailed sales analytics through the Merlin interface.

Simply explained, the Merlin to TrackResults API allows sales and marketing data captured in Merlin to be analyzed by TrackResults, providing greater actionable insight for improving sales and marketing performance.

The API automates the transfer of data between Merlin and TrackResults. The development of this API allows key data in Merlin to be available for viewing and deeper analysis in TrackResults.

Said Ryan Williams, Vice President of Business Development at TrackResults: “This API further extends Merlin’s reporting capabilities, allowing their clients to run deep analytical sales and marketing reports that quickly and easily cut through the clutter. Marketing and Sales Meetings are transformed from debates over assumptions based on limited reporting…to concrete action plans based on data you can see.”

Mike Pnematicatos, CEO of Merlin Software, added: “This partnership allows resorts to access all the accounting, business workflow, and ownership functionality of Merlin, while leveraging the analytical strengths of TrackResults and the easy access to information they can provide”.

The API is customized to the unique needs of each resort client, ensuring sales and marketing information is classified correctly for analysis regardless of how it is captured within Merlin. This way, resort operations can follow accounting and operational best business practices in Merlin as well as best business practices for sales and marketing analytics with TrackResults.

Traditional sales and marketing reporting provides copious amounts of information while leaving the essential analysis of patterns, habits and true performance to the team debate.

TrackResults provides this analysis in a flexible and informative way – essentially allowing the user to compare various groupings and metrics on-the-fly to find answers to specific performance-related questions. TrackResults does traditional reporting that tells you what happened, but also allows you to answer specifically why it happened to you can make a change. Some examples of questions you can answer in a few seconds may include:

What impact did different incentive offers have by rep, venue, campaign, timeframe, etc.?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Liners and TO’s that work together?

What is the breakdown of various Tour Source performance using 12 to 16 metrics?

Are there specific ways a salesperson can improve their sales performance? Do they do better with certain key demographics than others? Where can we focus training for that individual?

What are high performers doing differently to the low performers?

Merlin Software clients currently have access to a wealth of reporting tools and business intelligence for various resort functions including accounting, finance, front desk, call center, and inventory management. The launch of the API with TrackResults provides clients with access to what many consider the “Bible” in sales and marketing reporting.

About Merlin Software:

Merlin Software has been developed by Mike Pnematicatos who has over 30 years’ experience in the fractional and vacation ownership industry in sales, marketing and resort management.

Developed as state of the art, fully integrated, business application software, Merlin is the complete software package. It handles all types of timeshare and fractional ownership product and includes modules for marketing, sales, front office, property management and back office operations.

Over recent months, the focus has been on developing a range of WebApps using the latest coding languages. These Apps are easy to set-up, completely configurable and responsive. They include the Member, Rental Booking and Agent Desktop Web Apps with more to come. More information can be found online

For further information about Merlin Software, contact Mark Thomas:

Tel: +34


About TrackResults:

TrackResults Software was born out of a marketing expert and a sales expert’s mutual desire to see each others true performance, in real-time, and to hold each other accountable. TrackResults passion to capture and accurately measure performance has made it the “Bible” of timeshare and travel club sales and marketing operations worldwide.

Accessing data for measuring performance accurately, quickly, and simply without IT requests, costs, overhead, and delays typical of traditional reporting have catapulted TrackResults to be the hallmark of the highest efficiency sales organizations in the timeshare, fractional, and travel club industries. The leaders of these companies use TrackResults to quickly see, analyze, and make informed decisions within seconds that would otherwise require hours if not days for reports to be built and delivered.

For further information about TrackResults, contact Ryan Williams:

Tel: +1 (801) 513-3520


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