Orlando, Florida, August 15, 2018 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Vacation SafeGuard Limited (VSG), the first and only 100% Loyalty Cash Back Program that is protected by insurance has added a second layer of protection to its program as it expands across the globe.

Vacation SafeGuard delivers a highly customizable 100% cash back program, where vacation club operators can improve their value proposition by offering new and existing members the opportunity to receive all of their original purchase price back, simply by staying loyal to the club for a set period of time.

The program is structured entirely differently from other cashback related programs previously available. It is based on a structured finance model and requires no breakage; because of that, it has been able to secure insurance as a “safeguard” on the funds to ensure a 100% payout to all qualifying customers.

Now, however, Vacation SafeGuard announces that they have added an additional layer of protection for qualifying companies in the form of a Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy.

While the primary A+ rated insurance policy completely secures the pool of funds to provide the 100% Cash Back Guarantee, the Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy which is issued at the time of set-up, provides additional coverage specific to any unlikely shortfall in funds. With this in place, Vacation SafeGuard is also able to create segregated funds on a per client basis with access to view the balance of funds at any time, as well as the option to individually register each new member directly with the insurer as a beneficiary under the client group.

“We are committed to molding our program to fit the needs of our clients, and so while the Financial Guaranty is not necessary to operate the program, it provides an additional layer of protection and transparency that is a welcome addition for our clients, and is helping us grow even more rapidly across the globe.” Says Duane Lee, CEO, Vacation SafeGuard.

Vacation SafeGuard is always innovating. Since its initial launch, Vacation SafeGuard has added other enhancements to its one-of-a-kind product, including adding a strong loyalty component that helps resort developers upgrade and keep members active for much longer. In addition to offering 100% Cash Back on the initial purchase price at the end of a term, Vacation SafeGuard also offers “upgrade” periods during the term, where vacation club members can use a portion of their initial purchase price back towards upgrades of their memberships, based on how long they have already been a member. This helps to keep members current with all annual dues and makes upgrading even more attractive. This feature can only be offered by Vacation SafeGuard due to its unique financial-based structure.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Vacation SafeGuard is comprised of experts who have over 50 years of combined experience in the vacation ownership, property development, sales, marketing, and financial industries.

Vacation SafeGuard has also partnered with INTUITION, a leading marketing agency which specializes in customer engagement and reputation management strategies for hotels and resorts. In this role, INTUITION is responsible for sales and marketing and serves as Master Agent for the Vacation SafeGuard program. In recent months, Vacation SafeGuard has extended its client list to include developer clients and vacation clubs across the United States, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, Europe & Asia.

Vacation SafeGuard is supported by a financial firm and insurance broker, who are also based in Canada, and is committed to providing a flexible program that can assist resorts and clubs in a variety of ways that strengthen their membership base and the industry as a whole, from increasing the value proposition for first time buyers and upgrades to optionally, offering a built-in exit strategy for members based on developer-driven terms.

To request more information, visit http://intuitionbrandmarketing.com/safeguard


About Vacation SafeGuard

Vacation SafeGuard Limited (VSG) is a one-of-a-kind service provider in the direct sale industry. With its unique Cash Back Program, VSG is an industry leader in consumer protection. Clients who buy products and programs from affiliated companies have the option to receive 100% of their full purchase price back after a specified term. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, VSG’s 100% Cash Back Program is fully protected by insurance. For more information, visit https://www.vacationsafeguard.com/