Concord Servicing Corporation is this year marking the completion of its third decade in business, and celebrating a strong entry into its fourth. Concord’s longevity, in a field characterized over the past several years by enormous change and consolidation, is nothing short of remarkable.

Founded in 1988, Concord has grown to become not only the premier portfolio servicing and financial technology company in the vacation ownership market, but it has also become a driving force in the home improvement and energy efficiency market sectors. The company has thrived in large part because of its leadership team’s unflagging investment in critical technology, and the best and brightest people in the business. These factors, along with the company’s increasingly broader reach into niche markets, are helping to fuel its continuing success in multiple asset classes.

No one is more qualified to speak about Concord’s many successes and challenges over the years than its founder and current Chairman and CEO, Robert W. “Bob” Bertrand. “We opened our doors in the late 80s with an idea that we could address a growing need in the loan servicing arena; and, within a few months’ time, we’d accumulated a book of business that totaled 3,000 accounts,” Bertrand recalls with obvious pride. “And then, just 14 years later, we had built our brand and broadened our business to such an extent that we were servicing 350,000 accounts that totaled more than $350 million. If I can attribute that degree of success to any one thing, it’s that we’ve always strived to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Expanding on those early successes, Concord has continued to grow, prosper and diversify. The company now handles nearly two million consumer accounts totaling nearly $5 billion—a remarkable achievement by any measure, but especially one in a consumer lending environment marked by such tremendous challenge and change.

Shaun O’Neill, Concord’s President and COO, who’s been with the company more than two decades, credits Concord’s success to its tireless commitment to always seek out new ways to apply its technology and talent to help its clients. “We’re staking our future on adapting some of the most leading-edge financial technology systems in the business,” O’Neill explains. “One prime example is our trueBI® artificial intelligence platform. This exceptional, new, online system of providing search-driven analytics will dramatically raise the bar regarding what we can offer our customers.”

O’Neill continued: “But all else aside, I couldn’t imagine working with a better, more committed group of true professionals for all these years. We’re delighted to mark this 30-year anniversary occasion and excited to move ahead into the future with even greater tools and more talented people.”

About Concord
Founded in 1988, Concord Servicing Corporation [] is a leading force in the portfolio servicing and financial technology industries. Presently servicing nearly two million unsecured consumer obligations, Concord manages a portfolio of approximately $5 billion. The company has grown to encompass approximately 200 dedicated professionals located at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as in Mexico City and Cancun, Mexico.