Simon Crawford-Welch, PhD, COO and Principal of Seychelle Media, a conversion-focused digital advertising agency, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming GNEX Conference, 2019 The Global Networking Experience. Selected for his, “Xpertise, Xperience and Xcellence,” Dr. Crawford-Welch will deliver a high-impact presentation, focusing on 5 things successful experiential marketers must do in 2019 to optimize return on advertising spend in dynamic marketing environments. The event, which will be held February 24-27, 2019, at the Baha Mar Resort, Nassau, Bahamas, brings together senior-level executives from the hotel and resort industry, as well as financiers, investors, legal firms, technology providers, construction and renovation companies and other high-growth verticals.

Long-recognized as a paradigm-buster and an analytical and disruptive innovator, Crawford-Welch has a reputation for building and growing companies to dominant industry positions. Relying on precision focus, a relentless adherence to KPI measurement, and a keen analytical and financial perspective, over his career, Crawford-Welch has developed and led marketing and sales teams in the generation of more than $2.5 billion in net sales revenue.

In 2017, Crawford-Welch partnered with Jason and Brooke Tremblay, cofounders of Seychelle Media. The Orlando-based digital advertising agency, (launched in 2014) provides timeshare developers and vacation ownership professionals, along with clients in a diversity of industries, client acquisition avenues that have a lower than traditional cost and outperform generally accepted industry marketing practices. (Video: ). At Seychelle Media, where corporate growth has been robust, Crawford-Welch primarily focuses on operational efficiencies that ensure scalability in the face of the ever-growing demand for highly-qualified, uber-targeted leads.

Seychelle Media partners with today’s most powerful Big Data providers, including Oracle Data Cloud, Acxiom, Datalogix, Personicx, TransUnion, ComScore and IHS Markit to deliver to clients effective, affordable channels for targeted lead acquisition. Facebook has recognized the company as a Premier Facebook Agency Partner.

“Digital advertising,” said Crawford-Welch, “is an extremely fast-paced, dynamic and fluid space. There isn’t a week passes where we are not subjected to significant developments in areas such as audience segmentation and targeting, artificial intelligence, chatbots, video advertising, dynamic advertising, augmented reality and data privacy.”

“At Seychelle Media,” he added, “we are obsessed with our clients’ online success. We have a relentless passion for creating and implementing innovative digital advertising campaigns. We generate leads by micro-targeting prospects that have the highest propensity to convert at the lowest cost possible. Our on-purpose digitally-sourced and highly-targeted leads have a stronger disposition to not only respond to our clients’ offers, but more importantly, to convert, responding to the value-proposition.

“While it is complex and demanding, it is also extremely exciting, and I am honored and enthusiastic to be sharing some of these most pressing insights with the industry professionals at this year’s GNEX conference.”

About Seychelle Media: ( ) Seychelle Media is an ROI-centric Digital Advertising Agency built on creative energy, insatiable curiosity and disruptive strategy. The Agency’s services include a collective of disciplines, united by the objective of building brand awareness and converting customers online, including Facebook Advertising, Lead Generation, and Pay for Performance Marketing. The Seychelle Media Team specializes in the generation of highly qualified and motivated prospects through the use of proprietary niche-targeting and segmentation methodologies, utilizing its status as a Premier Facebook Agency Partner. The company, founded in 2014 by Jason and Brooke Tremblay, is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and is honored to serve partner-clients across the globe in multiple industry verticals including hospitality, education, transportation, financial services, retail, law, education and real estate.