The Asia Pacific Resort Development Organisation (APRDO) is a new regional trade organisation formed in May 2018 with the mission to support and promote the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific. It strives to provide a framework that fosters innovation and regulation in the industry and ensures that business practices are being conducted to the highest ethical standards.

The organisation has set forth the following key objectives:

  1. To support the cause and priorities of country timeshare associations in the Asia Pacific region
  2. To encourage and facilitate the establishment of new timeshare associations in key countries in the Asia Pacific region
  3. To influence timeshare industry regulation (including near term and long term efforts in key countries) in the Asia Pacific region
  4. To promote self-regulation of the timeshare industry, through the promulgation of a code of conduct and best practices standards for the timeshare industry in the Asia Pacific region
  5. To be a point of contact for governments and timeshare industry participants, including in relation to any referral of development inquiries and consumer complaints to local timeshare associations
  6. To provide research, education and information exchange within the industry and with government bodies

APRDO offers two categories of membership and is now open to entities participating in the resort development industry within the Asia Pacificregion, and have interest and conviction in the organisation’s objectives mentioned above. Members of APRDO can look forward to many benefits, including opportunities for valuable professional contacts and involvement in issues impacting the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific.

For more information on APRDO or on becoming a member, please visit