Orlando, Florida, September 13, 2018 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Holiday Systems International (HSI®), a leading provider of products and services for the hospitality industry is proud to have maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB); one of the most important consumer advocacy groups in the United States since the company joined the organization in 1995.

For 25 years, HSI has continuously developed innovative technological solutions to help improve the services of loyalty programs, including programs that benefit timeshare owners. Because of its sophisticated, custom-made loyalty programs, HSI has grown to offer its advanced systems to over 4 million private clients worldwide and works directly with the largest, most successful businesses in the hospitality and resort industries.  Founded in 1993 by Craig Morganson, HSI has not only been on the forefront of technological advancements regarding loyalty programs but has maintained an impeccable customer service record since inception.

Since 1912, the Better Business Bureau’s main focus has been on educating consumers and increasing trust in the marketplace. Consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBBs, HSI’s rating has been given to the company by the BBB of Southern Nevada. BBB ratings are grade based (from A+ to F) and are given to companies based on a proprietary formula that evaluates numerous categories including customer service.

“We’re proud of the high ratings we receive from customers. In the loyalty world, customer satisfaction is everything. These customers expect and deserve, a higher level of service. Many of our business customers list customer service as one of the top reasons they come to us for their white-labeled solutions. After our technologies, benefits, and services are implemented, customer loyalty and customer spending is improved measurable. That’s the expected outcome, and that’s why we’re still here after 25 years.” Says Craig Morganson, CEO, Holiday Systems International.

With programs such as the multiple award-winning Advantage Credits™ and Hotel Super Search®, HSI continues to solidify its proven track record for creating a positive impact in the hospitality industry in areas such as brand loyalty, sales, lead generation, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. The landscape of the vacation ownership industry has drastically changed since HSI received (and maintained) an A+ BBB rating, but the company’s culture for innovation at its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada has seen them adapt to change seamlessly and continue to produce cutting-edge technology while delivering impeccable customer service.

About Holiday Systems International

HSI was founded in 1993 by still CEO Craig Morganson, a leader in the travel and tourism industry. Morganson operates HSI with a firm commitment to consumer value and premier customer service. HSI has a long history of providing sophisticated technology, exclusive products / services, and generous value to its partners and private clientele. For more information, please visit http://Sales.HolidaySystems.com.