Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

Located less than an hour’s drive away from the Space Coast, staySky® Vacation Clubs and staySky® Hotels & Resorts, the award-winning, family-friendly vacation club, and resort group encourage members and guests to take “one small step” closer to the wonders of space during their visit to Orlando, Florida.

Following the recent launch of American astronauts into space from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center visitors to Florida have a renewed interest in space exploration, and with a much more regular launch schedule thanks to private enterprises such as SpaceX, many members and guests could even time their visit to see a live rocket launch. Upcoming launches include the Atlas 5 launch which is an unmanned launch taking the Mars Rover to the Red Planet targeted for July 22, followed by Space X Falcon 9 in August which will be launching a satellite call the SiriusXM.

When visiting Kennedy Space Center, guests are recommended to Include the “Behind the Gates” bus tour which gives visitors access to launch sites, and opportunity to learn more about the moon race and the Apollo Era, featuring a Saturn V rocket and a close up to Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Vacationers can also combine their visit to Port Canaveral with other locations along the 72-mile coastline dubbed the “Space Coast” including popular Cocoa Beach before returning to their staySky® Vacation Clubs resort.staySky® Vacation Clubs have four properties to choose from, all located close to the Orlando’s famous attraction, theme parks, shopping and dining. The resorts are Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, Hawthorn Suites Lake.

Buena Vista, staySky® Suites-I Drive Orlando, and Enclave Suites which are all ideal choices for visitors who enjoy the excitement of Orlando and nearby coastal destinations.

In addition to staySky® Vacation Clubs award-winning resorts in Orlando, members have an entire globe to explore through its partnership with Interval International expanding the choice to nearly 3,000 resorts. staySky®Vacation Clubs also offers its members additional programs such as staySky® Escapes, which features over 400,000 available hotels, member-only discounts, a marketplace where members can rent or bid on weekly vacations, and access to personalized concierge services.

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staySky® Vacation Clubs is a membership-based program offering superior vacations worldwide in addition to its own four Orlando, Florida-based resorts: Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista, staySky® Suites-I Drive Orlando, and Enclave Suites. For more information, visit http://stayskyvacationclubs.com