SPI Implementing PreCheck To Enable Social Distancing Check-in

Miami, FL; January 2021— SPI Software, the preferred partner for timeshare, vacation ownership clubs, and resorts has recently released its newest feature to their industry-leading software platform: “PreCheck”.

SPI’s “PreCheck” functionality will help minimize the face-to-face interaction time that guests and owners experience during the check-in process.  PreCheck will allow resorts to communicate with guests before arrival and complete many of the tasks typically handled during the check-in process, including verification of guest contact information, method of payment, vehicle information for parking passes, and acknowledgments to resort policies normally obtained during check-in.

This new feature is available to all SPI customers using the front desk feature of the software at no additional charge.  “SPI feels that this is an enhancement that will benefit all of our customers, which aligns with our company goal of providing world-class customer service and the best software for the vacation ownership industry.  Our customers have been asking for help in this area and we are pleased to add this feature into our software platform”, says Gordon McClendon, Vice President of Customer Relations.

Our industry has seen that implementing Pre-Check-in processes provides additional layers of security for both the guest and employee by limiting human interactions as much as possible. Properties can adhere to the health and safety guidelines being enforced by their local governments, and still provide exceptional customer service which improves overall guest satisfaction.

To provide additional personalization to the PreCheck process, SPI can customize communication-based on the arriving guest’s reservation type.  Filters can include check-in date, reservation type, sub-types, and more. Communication sent can be configured so that an owner can receive different content in the communication than a paying guest or a guest booking an exchange reservation.

It is important to customize the communication as much as possible since the time spent with the guest is limited during the check-in process.  Ideally, the PreCheck process should help improve overall communication strategies with both guests and owners.  Before a guest’s arrival, properties can share information about the property, COVID-19 policies, local events, and even include additional information about ownership opportunities within the property.  “Educating guests and owners is always a challenge for our industry and the SPI PreCheck feature is an excellent way to improve this process”, says McClendon.

“We have also taken our PreCheck capabilities a step further by providing the ability of the SPI Software to notify the guest their room is available for check-in.”  Once the room has been cleaned and properly inspected, a notification can be sent to the guest informing them their room is ready.

We have found that by streamlining the check-in process, properties can reduce the amount of time guests gather in communal spaces. Guests feel safer, employees feel safer, and overall staff efficiency is improved.

To learn more about SPI and their “Best in Class” software products, visit www.spisoftware.com, or call 305-858-9505.

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