Orlando, Florida, April 12, 2017 (INTUITION) – Leading global timeshare exchange provider, Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX), has officially increased its efforts of involvement towards quarterly charitable goals after an incredibly impactful year with the newly announced Charitable Giving Plan.

RTX is well-known in the local community for outstanding acts of corporate social responsibility and has now formalized a policy to promote a higher level of engagement with its revamped Charitable Giving Plan for 2017.

RTX employees have previously volunteered their time at sponsored events and altruistically contributed to a wide range of organizations. The plan focuses on employees’ role in developing the reach of RTX’s corporate citizenship by working with a new organization four times a year.

Since the timeshare and vacation ownership exchange company’s contributions go directly back to the community where employees live and work, RTX is asking for direct feedback on local events and ideas for causes to support. Each quarter employees will nominate and vote on a local charity to sponsor a fundraising activity for.

Resort Travel & Xchange is encouraging employees to get involved and give back by paying for up to four hours of volunteer time per employee every three months. Although there has never been hesitation from employees to participate in the collaborative efforts between RTX and the community, the Charitable Giving Plan demonstrates RTX’s ongoing commitment to making a difference for both the community and its employees.

RTX is a pro-active employer that regularly uses employee challenges to motivate morale while giving back to the community and supporting local charities. RTX offers its members an industry leading vacation exchange platform that provides a variety of benefits and travel options such as low exchange fees, up to a four-year deposit window, reservation protection, and discounts on different travel options such as hotels, car rentals, air travel, restaurants and more. Additionally, the company also provides its partner resorts and management companies with customizable options and solutions, based on their needs and the needs of its customers.

For more information about RTX, visit www.rtx.travel.



About RTX 

Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) is a timeshare and vacation ownership exchange company based in Asheville, N.C. RTX works with a number of resorts and developers throughout the world to provide the best exchange options possible to its members. In addition to exchange services, RTX offers numerous travel benefits to members, such as reservation protection, rebates, travel discounts and more. RTX also has a robust selection of partner solutions for resorts, management companies and HOAs, including member servicing, marketing, communications and more. RTX has approximately 80,000 members. For more information visit www.rtx.travel.