Crelogix logoCrelogix Acceptance Corporation, a leading Canadian consumer financing provider, has been awarded Canada’s Top Small & Medium Enterprises 2015 by Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Canada’s SME 2015 is a national competition that recognizes small and medium sized enterprises for creating exceptional workplaces with forward thinking human resources.

The selection process is detailed and winners are selected based on several factors some of which include; physical workspace social, health, financial and family benefits (for the complete criteria visit Crelogix employs 84 full time employees in Canada, has 23 job openings currently, over $20 thousand dollars in employee charitable contributions, as well as profit sharing programs, and aggressive career growth plans.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”3″]“Winning this award is the result of years in the making; focusing on driving employee engagement, listening to our people and, refining our approach to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.” says Richard Gagnon, Vice President of Human Resources with Crelogix.[/dt_quote]

Mr. Gagnon stresses that this transformation and Crelogixs’ success stems from the results of specific planning and implementation, “Creating an environment conducive to our employee development and wellness is all encompassing, we have gone to great lengths to enhance the opportunities available to our employees. We recognize that our people are our strengths, and that offering limitless opportunities for their career growth through paid educational,or training programs, as well as involving our employees in the company’s decision making process creates the kind of culture that attracts and retains the best talent. We are about our people, and creating a corporate culture that is rewarding, fun, and provides growth plans is our emphasis. To achieve this environment we were continuously seeking employee feedback throughout their career with Crelogix; from the on-boarding phase and going forward, even after their departure.We’re happy to be recognized with this award and will continue to operate with our core values and mission at the forefront of our business operations.”

Crelogix was presented this award on March 10, 2015 at the Toronto Region Board of Trade for the official presentation. Details on why Crelogix was selected as a 2015 winner can be found on .

About Crelogix
Crelogix is Canada’s most business friendly specialty finance company. Since 1974 Crelogix has been creating consumer finance programs that people love by providing its capital, technology, industry expertise and financial know-how to providers of consumer products and services.

Through consultation with our partners, Crelogix creates the lowest cost and most convenient sales finance programs, structured to help our partners attract and retain more customers, close more sales and increase their overall profitability.

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