Orlando, Florida – October 11, 2013 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Worldwide vacation exchange provider, DAE, has exceeded expectations from its global rebrand on October 1, delivering more benefits to a stronger membership base and new industry partners.

The global exchange company, which has grown to 12 offices around the world, said consolidating to one brand was just the start of a much larger strategy to be unfolded over the next 12 months.

“Feedback from the organization-wide change to DAE has been overwhelmingly positive,” said CEO of DAE, Francis Taylor. “With our new brand in place, we are thrilled to start the next chapter of our organization.

“The comments we received from existing members and partners have really cemented belief in our stronger brand representation:

“Great image, very refreshing. Congratulations on the initiative to keep the industry up to date with news, deals and special offers.”

“…Keeping the Timeshare dream alive for all, well done to all at DAE.”

“…Congratulations to your wonderful team. Can’t believe that DAE could be even better!”

“Since re-launching as DAE, we have seen a boost in new interest across the board – from developers, marketers and resort clubs, to timeshare owners and members – who are looking to the new DAE for innovative solutions and a fresh mindset.

“Over the next year DAE will be evolving as a service provider as we deliver solutions that closely align with the needs and expectations of our members and partners – by developing new products and industry opportunities that will provide more exchange options.

Mr Taylor said the company received positive feedback from members and industry partners, responding to the rebrand as a sign of good things to come from one of the world’s leading exchange providers.

“The same values drive us today as when we began trading 17 years ago – to offer an uncomplicated exchange model, provide transparency, deliver outstanding customer service and keep fees as low as possible.

“Our rebrand was an opportunity to restate our commitment to these core values while delivering a fresh look and feel –showing the market we are here to take our service to the next level.

“We are now stepping up as a major player in the vacation exchange industry. As we grow, we continue to be innovative and look at ways we can develop products that increase occupancy, boost tourism, and deliver economic benefit to regions all over the world.

“That means more options and greater value for our members – who can enjoy vacation exchange in over a thousand destinations with DAE.

“The year ahead promises to be full of more exciting developments for DAE.”

About DAE (Dial An Exchange)

DAE has grown significantly since it first opened its doors in 1997.  A strong focus on quality customer service has led to their continued growth as over 50% of their new memberships have been the result of personal referrals.  Today, the company services over 1 million timeshare owners (including 450,000 direct members) at resorts and clubs through 12 offices worldwide, and is a truly viable option for all timeshare, points and fractional owners to exchange their weeks and points or credits products. DAE’s robust set of membership benefits makes it easy for owners to truly enjoy their vacation ownership experience. Their simple, flexible and innovative direct to consumer approach has evolved into a range of business development and support tools for their business partners such as resorts, management companies and Home Owners Associations who are looking for a competitive edge to support their rapid growth.

Membership is free, and DAE offers a value added Gold Advantage benefits program along with low exchange fees, a 3-year credit for every banked week, 24/7 live access to exchange weeks, personalized customer service, worldwide vacation availability, discounted rental weeks in prime locations and informative monthly e-Newsletters providing travel tips, destination ideas and money saving promotions and offers. At DAE, the timeshare owners’ needs come first and foremost and quality of service is never compromised. For more information, please visit http://daelive.com.