August 11, 2017 – Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV) recently awarded the BGV Gives 2017 Spring Grants, totaling $179,968 in contributions. This only includes donations for the Spring Grants and does not include the many other miscellaneous grants and sponsorships that the BGV Gives Program provides outside of its spring cycle. The program continues to award grants during two annual cycles, one in the spring and another in the fall, which gives applicants the chance to choose the most appropriate grant cycle, continuing BGV’s philanthropic efforts and increasing access to charitable resources and opportunities provided by the BGV Gives Program. Under the stewardship of Deb Edwards, this cycle is one of the largest that BGV Gives has experienced yet, awarding almost $45,000 more in Spring Grants than last year.

Through the growth of the BGV Gives Program and subsequent support it offers to nonprofits and other causes, BGV Gives is continuously providing substantial resources for the local community. “Supporting community initiatives is very important to our company and serves as one of our major core values. The programs and services provided by local nonprofit organizations are essential to our residents and guests alike,” expressed the BGV Gives Program Manager, Deb Edwards.

The health causes were awarded two grants totaling $26,000 and human service related causes received five grants totaling $96,500. The education grant category received seven grants and sponsorships from BGV Gives, totaling $25,800. Beneficiaries of other grants that were reviewed by the BGV Executive Committee amounted to a substantial six grants and sponsorships awarded which totaled $49,668 in donations.

To learn more about the BGV Gives Program and The Rob Millisor Heart Health Walk, please contact Deb Edwards at (970) 547-8748.

Founded in 2016, the BGV Gives Program was established to facilitate and further extend Breckenridge Grand Vacations’ philanthropic reach and impact in Summit County and the surrounding area. Inspired by the late BGV Owner/Developer, Rob Millisor, this charitable program honors his example of service to others by supporting the local nonprofit community. BGV is excited and humbled to continue Rob’s legacy of giving through fundraising, sponsorships, grants, volunteering and in-kind donations on behalf of those in need, with a primary focus on health, human services and education. With guidance from the BGV Gives Program Manager, Deb Edwards, this program is committed to growing BGV’s local contributions and inspiring fellow community members to give more, by providing resources and opportunities to help others in need.

SOURCE: Breckenridge Vacations