Orlando, Florida – May 11, 2016 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – This week, RTX displayed their commitment to local communities once again by joining affiliate corporations Patton Hospitality Management, Zealandia Holding Company, Resort Hospitality Solutions, VacationCondos and Festiva Sailing Vacations to participate in the inaugural United Way Days of Impact event.

Over three days, teams were deployed to the Verner Center for Early Learning, Oakley Elementary School, and Vance Elementary School.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity for employees to work together to make a positive impact in our community. It’s often hard work, but it’s always rewarding and fun,” said Sara Little, director of communications for RTX.

Days of Impact was previously known as Day of Caring for the last 24 years, but this year marked the change to the new format. Michelle Bennett, director, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe, explained that it was a simple matter of scheduling- multiple days were much easier for organizations to participate in. This year, 29 companies in Asheville participated in an impressive 45 projects.

“We’re now focusing directly on helping students, their families, and the community. This lets volunteers know exactly who they’re helping,” said Bennett. “To see 29 companies say yes to helping out the community; it’s pretty amazing. There are hundreds of people who benefited, and the impact is awesome.”

A scenic mountain provided the backdrop as employees worked the garden at Verner on the first day of the event. Branches were hauled, mulch dispersed, and weeds were pulled. The large garden was started just last summer, and volunteer help has allowed it to take shape in record time.

The next project brought them inside Oakley Elementary, where volunteers transformed a supply closet used by teachers that had fallen into a black hole of cast-away event signs, old science projects, and other things that were taking up space.

Finally, volunteer crews visited Vance Elementary to work on their peace garden, where they pulled weeds, did some sheet mulching, and re-arranged the garden’s stone borders to make it easier for the school’s landscaping crew to mow the grass.

The event not only showed RTX’s commitment to local communities, but also served as a team building exercise for employees and a way to network and connect with colleagues outside of the office.

“I was able to work side by side pulling weeds and laying mulch with a people I’d only ever communicated with by e-mail or phone,” said Dynesha Miller, RTX employee. “Learning about RTX’s community involvement is one thing that drew me to work for this company, and events like this make me proud to be a part of this team.”

About RTX

Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) is a timeshare and vacation ownership exchange company based in Asheville, N.C. RTX works with a number of resorts and developers throughout the world to provide the best exchange options possible to its members. In addition to exchange services, RTX offers numerous travel benefits to members, such as reservation protection, rebates, travel discounts and more. RTX has approximately 80,000 members.