justdeeds.comTimeshare owners, resort operators and developers are finding that going online at JustDeeds.com to transfer timeshare deeds is saving them time and money. Once the timeshare owner or responsible party hits the “Send” button on JustDeeds.com, the company handles the process automatically resulting in faster results.

JustDeeds.com simplifies the procedure when there is a change in ownership not involving a sale, such as removing or adding a spouse due to divorce or marriage, adding or removing a co-owner or transferring ownership into or out of a trust. JustDeeds.com can handle the entire process, or, for those who wish to complete some of the process themselves, fees are a la carte. The company uses licensed attorneys where required by law to prepare the actual deed so that clients are assured that the deed is fully legal.

While Just Deeds prepares deeds to transfer the timeshare interest or other property, they also take all the extra steps and record proper affidavits when necessary to make sure that each transfer is fully complete and properly clears the title. JustDeeds.com is affiliated with TimeshareProPlus (offering four stand-alone modules including HoldMyEscrow.com, RequestMyEstoppel.com, JiffyDocs.com and TimeshareProPlus.com) and CloseMyTimeshare.com.

About TimeshareProPlus and its affiliates, CloseMyTimeshare.com and JustDeeds.com

TimeshareProPlus.com consists of four stand-alone modules (TimeshareProPlus.com, HoldMyEscrow.com, RequestMyEstoppel.com and JiffyDocs.com) handling every facet of the timeshare resort title transfer process. JustDeeds.com, an online service provider for timeshare owners or resort operators who require a change in a deed without a sale being involved, and CloseMyTimeshare.com, an online service for consumers’ use, are affiliated with Timeshare Pro Plus. For more information, contact Dave Heine at Dave@Timeshareproplus.com or 407-373-7474.