RCI Adds Capital Vacations Club To World’s Largest Vacation Exchange Portfolio Of Resorts

ORLANDO, Fla. (Mar. 11, 2021)RCI, the world’s premier vacation exchange company under the Panorama portfolio of leading travel membership brands, announced that the Capital Vacations Club is joining the family of affiliated resort companies serviced by RCI.
RCI will become the exclusive exchange partner for the Capital Vacations Club, adding new resorts around the U.S. and the Caribbean to RCI’s portfolio of affiliated resorts. The new affiliation provides the 3.7 million members of RCI even more options to leverage the value of their ownership; while members of the Capital Vacations Club will now have access to the more than 4,200 resorts in 110 countries serviced by RCI around the world. All timeshare owners that join RCI unlock access to exchange their ownership value for thousands of travel experiences around the world.
Capital Vacations is one of the fastest growing managers and developers of North American vacation resorts. Capital Vacations provides its customers with full-service, tailored hospitality management, flexible club sales programs and vacation offerings. Capital Vacations is the trusted management provider for more than 68 associations and over 45 Capital Vacation Club properties throughout the United States and Caribbean.
“Capital Vacations was created to help owners and guests create impactful moments through travel. That objective is best accomplished by expanding travel options to deliver a variety of vacation experiences,” said Travis Bary, chief operating officer at Capital Vacations. “No other exchange provider has more options than RCI, and we know our members will love the expansive number of destinations to choose from.”
RCI, which pioneered the timeshare exchange concept more than 45 years ago, is reinventing how timeshare owners vacation with enhanced product offerings for its members around the world. Today’s travelers want a one-stop shop with a company they trust, who knows them and their travel preferences, not just for vacation exchange, but for all of their travel. RCI today offers the ability to offer travelers a wide array of travel and lifestyle services through the delivery of an optimized booking engine, inventory at over 600,000 hotels and resorts, and competitive pricing.
“We warmly welcome the Capital Vacations family to RCI and look forward to serving their owners with the respected customer service our Travel Guides provide each and every one of our 3.7 million members,” said Richard Ruff, senior vice president and managing director of RCI North America. “This year we introduced the new RCI, which is evolving beyond its storied history as the timeshare industry’s most renowned exchange partner. We are expanding our services as the trusted travel advisor to our members and affiliates — not just once a year, but every time members leave home for their personal or business travel. Capital Vacations recognized that RCI affiliation helps improve their owner experience and enhances their timeshare product offerings, which will strengthen their business in the long term.”

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