CLC World Resorts & HotelsCLC World Resorts & Hotels is having one of its busiest years ever as expansion plans begun in 2014 gather pace.

Growth is spurred across many areas of the business most notably with:

  • New resorts operational and further build phases announced
  • The opening of sophisticated sales centres in key UK city locations
  • Product innovation – reaching new heights of luxury.

The breathtaking pace of change is Chairman Roy Peires’ and his board’s bold strategy to ensure the company maintains a strong leadership position in a European industry that has been checked by recession, at the same time increasing its reputation worldwide.

And with its eye on the prize of becoming the shared ownership/freehold company of choice for new generations of buyers: investing money, energy and time in strong social media involvement and developing its advanced technology sales methods.

Building in the best locations

Opening of resorts has quickened. Spring 2015 saw spectacular CLC Regal Oaks – singled out as a top construction project by local business media and congratulated by the Florida State Governor – open its doors to owners and rental guests, resulting in a torrent of rave reviews on Trip Advisor.

With its showpiece $9million clubhouse, CLC Regal Oaks is at the heart of the metro Orlando tourist hub: the destination that recorded the most visitor figures, more than 62 million1, in American tourism – ever – in 2014. Recently the company has announced a new phase of luxury townhouse properties for completion in 2016.

CLC Regal Oaks was fast followed by upscale Ramada Resort Kusadasi, a three-way collaboration between hospitality brand Ramada, CLC World and Turkish construction company Priyen; following virtual sell out of 388 freehold properties through CLC Estates. A new phase comprising freehold hotel accommodations and residences is under way with a finish date of next spring.

As with Orlando, CLC World identified Aegean Turkey, specifically Kusadasi where its second Turkish resort of Kusadasi Golf & Spa is located, as a growing destination in which it too could grow. Sea facing Ramada Resort lies in an area of upmarket hotels, close to both town and a new conference centre, and with its impressive array of pools, restaurants, bars and facilities demand for accommodation is already strong.

Super sales centres

At no time in CLC World’s more than 30 years existence has the need for quality management recruitment been more important with the company having opened new, super sophisticated sales venues: including premises at the iconic Liberty building in Regent St, London and also on the doorstep of the famous West Midlands Bullring, Birmingham, UK.

“We have openings for industry professionals seriously interested in taking senior management roles in a fast moving environment as part of a dynamic sales team,” says Paul Rosen, CLC World’s Assistant Group Sales Director.

New levels of luxury

A long held reputation for outstanding resorts, displaying a wide range of facilities, has not stopped CLC World further developing this strength. Its in-house interior design has been creating the increasing levels of luxury families and couples now search for – and love. Following the successful launch of its unique ‘Signature Suites’ fractionals last year, the concept is currently being rolled out across resorts as CLC Signature Collection; offering an upgrade product to members that reaches the highest levels of design and comfort.

And with more and more members graduating to fractional or outright ownership, a full scale marketing operation is generating others to join its Clubs.

At CLC World Resorts & Hotels, there is confidence that all pieces are in place to take the next leap forward as a company not just for now, but for the future.