Orlando, Florida, April 10, 2017 (INTUITION) – staySky® Vacation Clubs, a premier family-friendly vacation ownership program and portfolio of hotels and resorts located in Orlando, Fla., offers members access to go global with options and benefits that suit every stay anywhere.

staySky® members use staySky® Points as a form of currency. Designed with families in mind, the points system can be spent with flexibility based on members needs, wants, and vacation imagination. Points give members the freedom to travel whenever they want by offering the option to take advantage of leftover points from the previous year, borrow from next year’s points, or by simply renting extra points needed to score additional perks.

“We’re always trying to make sure our members not only get the vacation they deserve but the vacation of their dreams,” states Randy Steinbeck, with staySky® Vacation Clubs. “I know that some years it can be difficult to take the time off to enjoy with family and friends, so it was really important that our membership program offered credits that let travelers spend, bank, borrow, rent or exchange.”

staySky® Vacation members can use their points on vacation accommodations at any of the staySky® Vacation Clubs properties or by exchanging points through Interval International in over 80 countries at almost 3,000 affiliate resorts. Points can also be spent on travel upgrades, shopping, dining, activities and cultural experiences like cycling across Europe, and access to entertainment and theme park tickets.

With staySky® Stay Simple Membership Plans members can stay happily in control of their vacation destiny with any of the following three options available:

  1. staySky® Vacation Clubs is the classic vacation club program. staySky® Vacation Clubs guarantees a lifetime of vacation options including a points-based membership which offers points for comfortably appointed accommodations within the staySky® Vacation Clubs exchange options with Interval International, and endless benefits and uses for staySky® Escapes using Reward Credits.
  1. staySky® Membership Club is the classic vacation club program; with a twist of flexibility, providing members the identical benefits as the staySky® Vacation Clubs offers, with one exciting option. The staySky® Membership Club provides an opt-out, which allows the Membership to be discontinued along the way.
  1. staySky® Explorer is a simple version of the club products providing an opportunity to explore the many benefits of the staySky® Clubs. For a period of 18 months, members will enjoy a full week stay at one of the staySky® Clubs resorts, gain access to car rentals, cruises, popular destinations plus a multitude of exciting benefits from the staySky® Explorer program.

“Every staySky® member has access to the best elements from a traditional timeshare and can customize the way they use their membership program on an individual basis to make sure they’re able to make the most out of their vacation package every year,” Steinbeck explains.

staySky® Vacation Clubs is committed to enhancing the quality of life through a world of vacations and knows that family vacations change over time. staySky® Points let members choose the length of stay, destination, and accommodation size to allow guests to rest assured that they’re in good hands when staying with staySky®.

For more information about staySky® Vacation Clubs, visit www.stayskyvacationclubs.com.



About staySky® Vacation Clubs

staySky® Vacation Clubs is a membership-based program offering superior vacations worldwide in addition to its own four Orlando, Florida-based resorts: Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista, staySky® Suites-I Drive Orlando, and Enclave Suites. For more information, visit http://stayskyvacationclubs.com