Orlando, Florida, January 10, 2019 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Vacation SafeGuard Limited (VSG), the first and only 100% Loyalty Cash Back Program that is protected by insurance has unveiled a new website specifically for the enrollment and management of new members for its client base, further improving the user experience and enhancing credibility and transparency.

Launched in 2017, Vacation SafeGuard significantly enhances the value proposition of vacation memberships, and its loyalty component can be easily adapted to help increase new sales, member upgrades, re-engagement of members and even be used as the primary feature of a built-in exit strategy for sold-out resorts or active resort developers looking to offer a shorter term or finite term product.

The company launched its new website, https://safeguardmembers.com this week to further support its rapidly growing client base. The website is fully active with existing features but will remain in beta mode for the next six months as it continues to add even more functionality, resources, and features.

The SafeGuard Members website provides four main functions:


A publicly accessible series of pages that clearly define the 100% Cash Back Program, how it works and who operates it. These pages provide details of the simplicity of the program, the protections it offers, a frequently asked questions page and the ability to ask an agent a question about the program.


Security and protection of customer data are of paramount importance, and so the new website is fully secured by SSL Certificate so that all data transmitted is encrypted. Then, each resort or club client has their own permission-based logins to their own admin center. In this admin center, each new member is enrolled using a secure form which also captures data about the person who submitted it. Additional functionality such as the ability to access a member list, view, edit, and export are all determined by user-level and all access is logged.


Each member that is enrolled is also provided with their own secure login, which gives them access to a Member Center (branded to their resort/club) that shows their enrollment status and Vacation SafeGuard membership information, including confirmation of 100% Cash Back Amount and date for redemption, early redemption options and more. It also allows the member to edit relevant contact information should they change address, phone number or email address so Vacation SafeGuard can continue to communicate with them regarding their Loyalty Cash Back Program when necessary and provides full contact information for Vacation SafeGuard and the member services department of their own club so they can contact either quickly and easily at any time.


Each resort or club that implements Vacation SafeGuard has additional features in their Admin Center that so far include: PDF & Print Ready files for Sales Brochures, Posters, Pop-Up Banners, Training Manuals, Enrollment Forms and everything else they need to integrate the Loyalty Cash Back Program into their sales and administration departments. A priority support system is also in place to quickly answer any questions.

Additional features already added to further assist clients include:

A password protected, custom branded version of the website homepage for use during sales presentations, that validates that the company is authorized to offer Vacation SafeGuard and helps to explain the program. The page is also customized to follow the appropriate terminology of the resort or club, for variances such as vacation club vs travel club vs private residence club etc.

Customized sales brochures that feature the client company logo and program type/club name on the front of the brochure, with adjusted terminology throughout to match program type, plus an example timeline of a typical membership length to match the client’s product.

The new website and sales collateral were produced by INTUITION who partnered with Vacation SafeGuard in 2018. INTUITION is a cutting-edge marketing agency specializing in business strategies and consulting, as well as industry-leading customer engagement and reputation management solutions. INTUITION also serves as the master agent for sales and marketing globally for the Vacation SafeGuard program.

Resort Developers and Vacation Clubs looking for more information on how to include Vacation SafeGuard in their membership programs should visit https://safeguardmembers.com/clubs

About Vacation SafeGuard

Vacation SafeGuard Limited (VSG) is a one-of-a-kind service provider in the direct sale industry. With its unique Cash Back Program, VSG is an industry leader in consumer protection. Clients who buy products and programs from affiliated companies have the option to receive 100% of their full purchase price back after a specified term. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, VSG’s 100% Cash Back Program is fully protected by insurance. For more information, visit https://www.vacationsafeguard.com/