Concord Servicing Corporation, a leading force in the financial portfolio servicing industry, has announced a strategic reorganization of its senior management team. Changes at Concord include the promotion of Executive Vice President Shaun O’Neill to President and Chief Operating Officer, and the addition of financial industry veteran Stephen Bertrand to serve as Chief Financial Officer.

Company founder, Chairman and CEO Robert Bertrand will continue to lead Concord in those roles. He said, of the changes in his company’s leadership: “In view of Concord’s significant growth and expansion into exciting new portfolio servicing markets, Shaun and Stephen are perfectly poised to give us the solid, forward looking leadership we need. I couldn’t be happier about their commitment to the new roles they’ll be filling.”

“The future for Concord looks bright,” said Shaun O’Neill. “Our sustained focus on building the best servicing platform for an ever-expanding list of new asset classes is our main mission. Innovation and building personal relationships with our clients will continue to be the cornerstone of our strategic direction.”

Stephen Bertrand, the son of Concord’s founder, brings strong financial industry background to the company. He joins the firm to work alongside O’Neill and the rest of the executive management team. “Concord has been a family business from the start, and, with Stephen joining us, it will continue to be so into the future,” said Robert Bertrand. Having joined Concord in October, Stephen Bertrand, with 18 years of experience in senior finance positions, brings solid expertise to his new role.

With the 30th anniversary of its founding on the horizon, Concord has made some major inroads into the financial servicing industry. With the launch of exciting new technology and software, Concord is expanding its footprint in the energy efficiency, marketplace lending and Mexican residential mortgage arenas. The company does so while maintaining leadership in the vacation ownership space it has served since its founding in 1988.

About Concord:
Founded in 1988, Concord Servicing Corporation is a leading force in the portfolio servicing and financial technology industries. Presently servicing nearly two million unsecured consumer obligations, Concord manages a portfolio of approximately $4.8 billion. The company has grown to encompass nearly 200 dedicated professionals located at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as in Mexico City and Cancun, Mexico. For more information on Concord, contact Allison Friedson at Afriedson(at)concordservicing(dot)com or visit