Leading property management system enhances product offering with LeisureLink interface, delivers direct connection to largest network of online travel agencies for RDP users to maximize exposure and reduce distribution costs.

LeisureLink™, a global leader in vacation rental technology and distribution, announced today that Resort Data Processing (RDP) has chosen LeisureLink’s innovative distribution platform to provide RDP Property Management Software users with unlimited access to the world’s leading online channels.
By selecting LeisureLink as their preferred distribution partner, RDP will now be able to deliver a fully integrated connection to the largest network of online travel agencies (OTA’s) including Expedia, Booking.com, and Priceline, as well as all the major GDS players and top travel sites. The seamless, two-way interface between LeisureLink and RDP means that a property’s content, rates, inventory, and reservations are continuously updated across all channels. LeisureLink’s network will automatically is now available to RDP clients to “activate” as a channel partner in their PMS system.
“We are confident that partnering with LeisureLink as our distribution solution will give us an unmatched competitive edge,” said Barry Biegler, CEO of RDP. “The depth of experience, global reach, and execution Leisurelink brings to the table will enable us to enhance RDP’s core platform and deliver new capabilities that extend our customer’s online exposure, while reducing the cost of distribution. We are pleased to launch this partnership and look forward to great results.”
LeisureLink’s channel management is the most efficient, user-friendly solution available. With their vast distribution reach attracting over 80 million monthly travelers, the company has delivered over $1 billion in bookings to their clients since 2007. Over 150,000 properties currently rely on LeisureLink products and services to help them optimize revenue, drive more bookings and streamline operations.
Julian Castelli, CEO of LeisureLink, added, “We’re honored that RDP, a leader in its field, has selected LeisureLink as their preferred distribution technology partner. RDP and LeisureLink are both pioneers in providing innovative lodging solutions, and together our partnership will help RDP set the standard in the industry.”
RDP system users interested in learning more about connecting to LeisureLink are invited to visit leisurelink.com/partners/RDP or call 1-855-840-2249.
About Resort Data Processing, Inc.
Resort Data Processing, Inc. (RDP) is a property management software company founded in 1981 and headquartered in Vail, Colorado. RDP develops, installs, and provides 24-hour support for over 1,000 customers worldwide. Our marketplaces include Vacation Rentals, Condo-Hotels, Resorts, Hotels, Timeshare/Fractional Properties, Private Residence Clubs (PRC), and Campgrounds. RDP also provides custom programming related to these marketplaces. For more information on Resort Data Processing, Inc., please call 970-845-1143 or visit http://www.resortdata.com.
About LeisureLink
Salt Lake City-based LeisureLink’s distribution services offer vacation rental properties the opportunity to distribute to top online travel agencies like Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb and HomeAway, all the major GDS players and top travel sites. Suppliers can manage their online distribution from one platform – optimizing rates, availability, specials, and content changes. Leisurelink’s specialty consulting services leverage industry experts who understand travel distribution and maximize revenues. LeisureLink consolidates all accounting, payables, and receivables with a single, source of payment, providing clarity to the often-complex world of distribution.  This comprehensive service helps LeisureLink clients generate more money and save more time.  For more information, visit LeisureLink.com.