Orlando, Florida, January 9, 2017 (INTUITION) – Global timeshare exchange leader, Resort Travel & Xchange, revamped its member surveys in the 3rd quarter of 2016 through the integration of the online software, GetFeedback. The new platform surveys members in the areas of customer service, reservations and resort experience.


In an effort to consistently improve service and membership features, RTX selected the survey company’s platform to integrate with the current RTX customer service management system and email software. The seamless process created for members provides feedback, collects responses, analyzes results and uses data to help make decisions based on the awareness of members’ experiences.

“We’ve tried a few different options over the years for surveying members, and we feel that GetFeedback gives us the best of both worlds: the integration with our existing platforms is crucial for our operations, and we think our members will love the design and user-friendliness of the surveys,” said Justin Hunter, Vice President of Operations for RTX.

The survey identifies both the areas RTX excels in and those which can be improved upon. The redesigned system furthers Resort Travel & Xchange’s ability to gain feedback, improve customer relationships and provide positive recognition for the role employees play in engaging guests is converted to real-time analytics based on all RTX interactions.

Members receive an email within 24 hours that includes a link to a brief customer service survey every time they place a call to RTX for any reason, such as requesting a reservation or depositing points. Members can complete the survey in no more than 2 to 3 minutes and the submitted results are tied to their accounts. The data is additionally connected to the customer service agent or Travel Consultant that assisted the member with the call. Not only does the revamp help RTX with individual customers’ needs, but it assists with representative training, recognition and rewards for employees who consistently have high praise from members.

Resort Travel & Xchange is jointly utilizing the new survey platform in the form of a resort survey. Members receive the survey within 2 weeks of returning home from an RTX reservation. This enables the premier exchange company to see what destinations, resorts, amenities and overall vacation experiences members love. The feedback generated provides RTX with strategic insight to business partnerships that represent its clientele and their most adored resorts.

The authenticity of the reports identifies any potential issues that may have occurred while simultaneously building the internal resort rating system. RTX uses the survey to provide the most relevant information to over 80,000 members and ultimately guide the decision-making process as to which resort may be the best for each individual’s vacation. The survey data facilitates RTX’s commitment to its members by offering a better way to exchange through extraordinary service.


About RTX


Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) is a timeshare and vacation ownership exchange company based in Asheville, N.C. RTX works with a number of resorts and developers throughout the world to provide the best exchange options possible to its members. In addition to exchange services, RTX offers numerous travel benefits to members, such as reservation protection, rebates, travel discounts and more. RTX also has a robust selection of partner solutions for resorts, management companies and HOAs, including member servicing, marketing, communications and more. RTX has approximately 80,000 members. For more information visit www.rtx.travel.