Craig MorgansonOrlando, Florida, November 8, 2018 (Perspective Magazine) Holiday Systems International (HSI), a leading provider of products and services for the hospitality industry, has reached an unprecedented milestone in the vacation ownership industry by paying over $65 million in maintenance fees and club fees for its customers. This unique program has benefitted many thousands of shared ownership members and thousands of resorts worldwide.

Since 1993, HSI and its founder and CEO, Craig Morganson, have consistently developed innovative ways to improve loyalty programs and assist resort developers with sales, marketing, and customer loyalty. In addition to paying over $65 million in maintenance fees and club fees, HSI also has paid close to $100 million in loyalty credits to its customers. These credits have a same-as-cash value, helping clubs increase spending with their brand and maintain a successful retention rate. Through these HSI programs, HSI has also helped close over $800 million in vacation ownership sales.

HSI’s maintenance fee/club fee relief systems are the industry’s only cash programs, providing members with the cash they want and need vs. useless credits and coupons. These HSI award-winning cash programs keep shared ownership members current on their fees, and provide the protections they need, when they need it.

The impact HSI is having on the industry is fully measurable, and unparalleled, not only in maintenance fees/club fees actually paid by HSI, but in overall consumer satisfaction. These HSI maintenance fee/club fee offset options provide an honest helping hand for a member, which increases their satisfaction with their timeshares. Moreover, this reduces the number of timeshared ownerships listed on the resale market, and also provides an honest alternative to members doing business with “timeshare exit” companies. In fact, HSI has successfully converted some of those timeshare “exit” companies away from that business model.

HSI’s maintenance fee/club fee relief systems are also big closers on the sales tables, as they help existing timeshare owners say yes, due to the relief they will have from their other membership fees, and because of the safety net available to them in the future, should they need it.

“HSI’s been doing this for a long time. We’ve watched companies attempt to copy us on our maintenance fee/club fee programs, but they always fall short by trapping customers into closed redemption systems, and refusing to provide the cash options customers need. Those failures are what drive customers to the resale and timeshare exit company options. Everything HSI does is measurable and valuable to the member, which keeps them happy, keeps them spending with our partner’s brands, and helps the industry as a whole,” Explained HSI CEO, Craig Morganson.

With over 4 million private-clients worldwide, HSI continues to be a powerful force in the hospitality industry and is proud of its impeccable customer service record. HSI maintains a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and has won several prestigious industry awards for its technology, membership benefits, and advanced membership programs, which have been proven time and again as successful tools for developers, resorts, and HOAs.

For over 25 years, HSI has maintained a philosophy of transparency and has focused on sustainability through developing innovative and honest products and services based on the most sophisticated technologies available. All HSI solutions are developed in-house at HSI’s headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada where Morganson has invested over $30 million in the company’s infrastructure.

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About Holiday Systems International

HSI was founded in 1993 by still CEO Craig Morganson, a leader in the travel and tourism industry. Morganson operates HSI with a firm commitment to consumer value and premier customer service. HSI has a long history of providing sophisticated technology, exclusive products / services, and generous value to its partners and private clientele. For more information, please visit