Classic Holidays Chief Operating Officer, Carole Smith, has been elected as the new President of the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC).

The election was announced at the annual ATHOC Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand on Tuesday, and will take effect immediately.

“I’m looking forward to taking on this role and providing guidance and leadership to the Australian timeshare industry,” said Ms Smith.

Currently the COO of Classic Holidays, Ms Smith oversees the resort operations for the multi award-winning management company, which has over 30 Club Resorts across Australia and New Zealand.

Ms Smith has held previous positions as Queensland President of HMAA, Vice President of AAOA, Director of Gold Coast Tourism, Chair of One Step Further and Treasurer of ATHOC. She is also the current Director of various timeshare resorts managed by Classic Holidays.

In 2010, Ms Smith was inducted into the ATHOC Hall of Fame for her services to the industry, and she is also a Life Member of HMAA Queensland.

Having established her career in the timeshare industry for over three decades, Ms Smith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as President of ATHOC, particularly around the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

“We’re coming into a period of continual growth for the timeshare industry, however we still need to ensure our traditional weeks based timeshare resorts remain at a high standard for owners, and that we continue to look at ways to engage owners and increase member satisfaction overall,” she said.

ATHOC is a not-for-profit industry body established in 1994 to represent all interests involved in the Australian timeshare industry, and to work toward national industry best practice. More information can be found at 

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Classic Holidays is Australasia’s largest Resort and Club Management Company, with over 65,000 member families and more than 30 properties under management across Australia and New Zealand.

Classic Holidays provides flexible and affordable membership options for families to enjoy the highest quality holidays throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Part of the award-winning Beneficium group of companies, Classic Holidays has been named Best Management Company for five consecutive years in the global timeshare industry’s prestigious Perspective Magazine Awards, as well as Best Overall Company in 2015.

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