Big Game Air Offers Sports Fans Same-Day, Round-Trip Travel on Private Jets to Major Sporting Events Across the Country

August 8, 2017 – Big Game Air, a first-of-its-kind luxury game day travel company set to redefine how consumers enjoy sports experiences, is thrilled to announce its launch in the premium travel sector. Merging private aviation with the convenience of same-day, round-trip travel, Big Game Air offers customers a seamless experience of traveling to a sporting event on a private jet with the ability to return home the same day.Ā Big Game Airaddresses the increasing demand for engaging and unique fan experiences by bringing the convenience and luxury of private aviation into the center of sports fandom.
Headquartered inĀ Chicago, Big Game Air was founded by established entrepreneurs and hospitality veteransĀ Arturo GomezĀ andĀ Todd Rubin, who combined their four decades of expertise with their love of sports and travel to create a truly unique experience for sports fans, adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts.

“The concept came about when my wife was seven months pregnant with our first child. I wanted to attend a Big Ten football game which would be soon after she gave birth. My wife didn’t want me leaving her alone with our newborn baby overnight. So, I had to figure out a way to get to the game and return home the same day,” says Gomez, CEO and co-founder of Big Game Air. “I called my friend Todd, who I knew had a lot of aviation knowledge, and after some research and planning, we booked a private jet and boarded the plane with a group of our buddies to see the game. We arrived home 12 hours later. Everyone agreed it was a great experience, and we knew we had an exciting and unique opportunity on our hands, which set Big Game Air in motion.”

Big Game Air is the only luxury experience company providing fans with individual private jet seats to high demand collegiate and professional sporting events across the country. Currently, flights are based out ofĀ Chicago,Ā Columbus,Ā DetroitĀ andĀ New York, with service offered to major sports-centric cities in the Midwest, such asĀ Green Bay, Wis.,Ā Iowa City, Iowa,Ā Lincoln, Neb.Ā andĀ Ann Arbor, Mich., with plans to expand to additional regional markets in 2018.

Big Game Air subcontracts private luxury jets that can accommodate anywhere from nine to 30 people. The average cost of a Big Game Air round-trip ticket ranges fromĀ $1,200 to $2,200Ā depending on the duration of flight and jet size. Each Big Game Air ticket includes round-trip private jet travel and on-the-ground-transportation to and from the sporting event. A full schedule of games and flights, as well as the option to purchase sporting event tickets via ticket partnerĀ SeatGeek, can be found on the Big Game AirĀ website.

“We’re offering passengers a game-changing experience from purchase to take-off and return, with the ease of selecting single private jet seats on our digital platform,” says Rubin, president and co-founder of Big Game Air. “Through our simple, online process, Big Game Air eliminates the time-consuming planning that accompanies traditional sports travel.”

In addition to game day travel, Big Game Air will also offer value-added features for ticket holders to customize and purchase, such as specialty packages with food and beverage partners, jet hangar parties, professional athlete- and celebrity-hosted flights and more.

For more information about Big Game Air, including custom packages and a full list of games and flight schedules, or to book a luxury game day experience, please visitĀ

About Big Game Air
Big Game Air is a first-of-its-kind leading provider of luxury game day travel experiences for sports fans, adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts offering same-day, round-trip travel accommodations on private jets to high demand sporting events across the country. The luxury travel company is redefining how consumers enjoy sports experiences through private jet travel and on-the-ground transportation in sporting event cities, as well as offering custom jet hangar parties – including celebrity accompanied flights – and premium food and beverage options with local partners. Headquartered inĀ Chicago, Big Game Air was founded by hospitality veterans and entrepreneurs,Ā Arturo GomezĀ andĀ Todd Rubin. VisitĀ www.biggameair.comĀ for more information including flight schedules, custom packages, group charters and more.


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