INTUITION, the industry leader in customer engagement strategies, with clients spanning six continents has announced further optional enhancements to its popular Evaluate Sales Performance (ESP) survey for vacation club sales centers.

The tablet-based ESP Survey offers crucial feedback on every sales presentation to assist sales teams and individual sales agents to improve upon their performance and ultimately benefit from more vacation club sales.

The survey uniquely combines known sales statistics with customer opinion to provide in-depth insights into why the customer did not buy. Through innovative analytics, this combined data is used to identify which sales agents would benefit from additional training, and exactly what training should be provided to assist them in improving their sales performance.

Another key aspect of the survey after determining why a customer didn’t buy, is to understand their propensity to purchase in the future and their willingness to recommend the vacation club to others.

Now, INTUITION offers a fully automated marketing program for Non-Buyers, that is dynamically customized to each individual based on a series of answers given during the survey. Each guest that participated in a sales presentation can now, over a period of time, be offered entry-level programs, special offers for repeat visits and incentives for recommending friends and family – all on autopilot.

Industry statistics show that the average new member purchases during their third sales presentation of a vacation club product, so taking into account the significant marketing costs required to secure sales presentations to prospective new members, it is easy to see why INTUITION’s ESP Survey is an invaluable solution to sales centers to help improve sales volumes and reduce marketing costs. The new Non-Buyer and Referral Program helps to automatically identify those most likely to return for a second look at the product, and those most likely to provide new lower cost referrals through recommendations.

“For less than 0.5% of the marketing cost associated with generating each sales presentation guest, our clients can now understand why the guest didn’t buy AND proactively get a chance to sell to them again and receive new prospects through recommendations, thereby reducing overall marketing costs and increasing revenue.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing.

INTUITION also offers the first and only 100% Cash Back Program backed by insurance for vacation club sales operations through Vacation SafeGuard, a strategic partner. The program gives the member a guaranteed, tangible cash value that they work towards by remaining loyal to the resort or club where they currently own. This significantly increases the average length of a membership, thereby generating more upgrade opportunities and more annual fees and ancillary transactions per average member per year.

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