May 8, 2017 — Bay Tree Solutions, a company connecting timeshare owners and buyers exclusively at non-legacy resort properties, announced they are offering resale buyers ‘BuyerProtection+,’ a guarantee that if they are dissatisfied, they may return to Bay Tree and sell the property through their advertising platform at no charge.

“This is a win-win-win for the resort, the buyer and the seller,” observes Bay Tree Solutions Chief Marketing Officer Doug Milbrath. “We welcome the opportunity to build relationships with resort operators, because of this shared mutual interest.”

“I hope they will feel free to contact us at, 800-647-4130 or 404-478-7863,” he adds. “We are eager to partner with resorts and feel they benefit by having a reliable, honest and positive resale partner. Because of our many features such as BuyerProtection+, our sellers are more likely to obtain a higher, fairer price, thus, reinforcing the value of the timeshare product. In turn, the resorts benefit from the relationship with a new, maintenance fee-paying owner; one who will use and enjoy their ownership privileges or even purchase an upgrade down the road.”

Milbrath adds that as Bay Tree has grown over the last eleven years, they have a proven success rate by only handling resales at better resort properties and avoiding any legacy properties that are clearly poorly maintained. “We are committed to upholding the reputation and positive aspects of the vacation ownership concept. That’s a major part of our business philosophy. We believe in the product and strive to express that dedication to our customers. I believe that offering BuyerProtection+ goes a long way to expressing our faith and the investment of our resources in the industry.”


About Bay Tree Solutions

Bay Tree Solutions is an advertising and marketing company that specializes in assisting timeshare owners within specific resort communities in selling their timeshares. By avoiding desperate sellers and distressed properties, we have verified that our clients are able to sell for prices 30-to-50 percent higher than our closest competitors. For more information, resort professionals may call 1-800-647-4130 and select “0.”