Craig MorgansonOrlando, Florida, February 8, 2019 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Advantage Services, a leading provider of exclusive, white-labeled loyalty benefits and membership platforms for the hospitality and leisure industries continues to surge ahead of the competition by offering their award-winning, “Same-as-Cash” approach that gives travelers more flexible benefits and options than any other loyalty program.

For over 25 years, Advantage Services has solidified itself as the leader in developing a wide range of loyalty programs that have been proven to increase a brand’s revenue and customer loyalty. It’s innovative “Same-as-Cash” strategy reinvents the traditionally hard to redeem loyalty points programs, by enabling members to use points as if they were real cash; and the program has so far paid close to $100 million in loyalty credit redemptions and savings towards all kinds of vacations, sporting events, travel reservations and even cash. The easy to redeem loyalty credits also drives more revenue to Advantage Services key industry partners, making a positive impact on their bottom line. Because Advantage Services loyalty credits are fully funded by the company, partners and clients do not have to shave their margins to maintain a sustainable loyalty program.

The Advantage Program® offers unrivaled flexibility to its members. The “Same-as-Cash” loyalty credits are redeemable for virtually anything; including paying club maintenance fees, purchasing upgrades, using credits towards additional vacation weeks, or can even be redeemed for cash. In addition, the credits never expire and do not have redemption limits, making it even easier for travelers to make large purchases simply by using their accrued loyalty credits.

“The Advantage Program is keenly focused on providing measurable value to end-users and a sustainable positive impact to our partner’s brand loyalty. We prove day-after-day that this can be accomplished by avoiding common loyalty program mistakes, and with a generous commitment to technologies and our partner’s goals.” Stated Advantage Services CEO, Craig Morganson.

Advantage Services has invested over $30 million in its company’s infrastructure and continues to develop, host, maintain, and service all of its programs in-house at the company’s headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dedicated to providing the best service possible, Advantage Services’ expertly-trained customer support team is just a call away and provides support for its clients in 8 different languages. With a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau; Advantage Services continues to be recognized not only as a leader in developing innovative loyalty programs but also for its impeccable detail to customer service.

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 About Advantage Services
Advantage Services is an award-winning leader in private-branded loyalty program technologies and benefits. Advantage Services focuses on enhancing, and funding, loyalty programs with the massive appeal of travel options, same-as-cash loyalty rewards, among other award-winning benefits. For over 25 years, Advantage Services’ leadership has been on the cutting edge in developing loyalty programs that are proven time and again to increase revenue and brand loyalty. For more information about Advantage Services visit