Orlando, Florida – November 7, 2013 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Gold Coast-based Resort and Timeshare Management company, Classic Holidays, has introduced an innovative pilot program that provides local high school students with an insight into what it’s like to work in the tourism industry.

Classic Holidays will commence the Work Inspirations program this week with Year 10 students from Varsity College on the Gold Coast.

The program is designed to help high school students plan for their future by identifying with the types of jobs and career pathways available to them in the industries they are interested in.

Students nominate to be involved in one of three Work Inspirations programs being offered at Classic Holidays, participating in activities guided by Classic staff as mentors.

Twelve students will undertake a two-day program at Classic’s corporate Head Office; a two-day Reception program will be run at Sandy Point Beach Resort; and a hands-on, three-day Grounds program for those interested in the outdoors and maintenance will be run at Golden Shores Holiday Club and Surfers Royale Resort.

“We are truly excited to introduce this program at Classic Holidays, to bring students in to learn what the industry is really like and explore the kind of jobs they are interested in,” said Julia Whitton, Program Director and Resident Manager at Sandy Point Beach Resort.

Work Inspirations is particularly innovative in that respect, as we spend time profiling the students and matching them to where they will be most suited in the company.

“The best part is we do it in a way that appeals to them and their way of learning by making it fun and interactive.”

Through a series of personalised, practical insights students are given the opportunity to learn more about themselves; go behind the scenes in an area that is best suited to them; and interact with mentors from various roles at Classic Holidays.

“Working with Partnership Brokers, we can offer this program to young people who are at risk of disengaging with school, to encourage them to see what opportunities lie ahead of them if they work hard,” said Ms Whitton.

“For Classic Holidays, Work Inspirations is an excellent opportunity to not only engage with young people, but also expand our options for employing locally – and give back to the local community.”

Classic Holidays will be compiling a DVD of the pilot Work Inspirations Program with the help of Varsity College film students.