National Hospitality Group, a leading provider of sales and management services in the Vacation Ownership Industry, announced today the launch of a new corporate identity and name—Capital Vacations.  This launch is the unification of three renowned brands, SPM Resorts, Defender Resorts and Capital Resorts, under one name.

Capital Vacations unique blend of quality management services and sales programs places the company in a distinct position within the vacation ownership industry. Merging the three companies into one brand allows Capital Vacations to uniformly showcase the quality, depth and benefits of its offerings.

“Capital Vacations is focused on providing its customers with the best possible vacation experience alongside a variety of travel options.  We’ve built a company with a strong reputation in quality service to our resorts and owners,” said Travis Bary, Chief Operating Officer. “This name change allows Capital Vacations to cohesively brand all of our resorts, club offerings, and sales capabilities under a single powerful brand.”

Overall this rebranding represents that Capital Vacations as a company is committed to delivering memorable vacation to its customers and enhancing the communities where it operates.


Capital Vacations is one of the largest managers and developers of North American vacation interval resorts. Capital Vacations provides its customers with full-service, tailored hospitality management, flexible club sales programs and vacation offerings. Capital Vacations is the trusted management provider for seventy-one resorts throughout the United States and Caribbean.