Exceptional customer service is the key to timeshare owners maintaining their membership status.

Orlando, Florida – December 6, 2012 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Australian timeshare company Classic Holidays has seen a direct correlation between its expanded customer service program and its ability to retain and increase its membership base.

Membership has now exceeded 45,000 families, with Classic Holidays now the largest privately owned timeshare company in Australia. The company is responsible for approximately 650 employees between sales staff, resort staff and corporate personnel, with the recent move to a new 100 seat call centre allowing Classic to bolster its customer service outreach and expand upon its award-winning service levels.

Evidence of the company’s commitment to outstanding service was seen at the 2012 Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) awards, where the industry’s national industry association annually recognizes the best operators in the industry. Classic won the group’s Excellence in Service award, which was accepted by Customer Service Specialist Greg Layton – a 23 year employee of the company.

Classic was also voted the Best Management Company at the 2012 Perspective Magazine Awards, a global timeshare industry awards program which is voted on by industry professionals from throughout the world.

Such award recognition coming as the company sets new membership records is no coincidence according to Ramy Filo, CEO, Classic Group.

“We have devoted an enormous amount of time and resources to our customer service outreach, which is the backbone of our success,” said Filo. “The fact that we are winning national and international awards at the same time that we’re servicing more members than ever before shows that consumers appreciate our efforts and keep coming back to our resorts.”

“At the heart of the awards is customer service, delivering on the promise made from the very first contact a customer makes with Classic Holidays at a presentation centre, all the way through their interaction, communication, booking and experiencing their holiday stay at one of our managed resorts,” Filo added.

A recent ATHOC report estimated timeshare occupancy rates at 86%, reflecting consumer confidence and satisfaction in the product. Many of these consumers own at the 14 Classic managed holiday resorts in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, with Classic’s additional four clubs allowing members to book holidays throughout Australia and internationally.

For more information and to book a memorable trip with Classic Holidays, please visit http://www.classicholidays.com.au/.

About Classic Holidays

Established in 1978 with Head Office operations based on the Gold Coast, Classic Holidays is Australia’s largest privately owned timeshare Resort Management Company, representing over 45,000 member families and responsible for over 650 employees. Built on strong founding principles of honesty, respect and commitment, Classic has a reputation for excellence, providing their resorts with a comprehensive range of support services. For more information, please visit http://www.classicholidays.com.au/