Carole Smith, COO of Classic Holidays, has been re-elected President of the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC), Australia’s peak body for timeshare.

The decision was confirmed at ATHOC’s AGM, which was held prior to the annual industry conference taking place on Northern NSW’s Tweed coast.

“I am delighted and proud that the board of directors has shown faith in me as the association’s President,” said Ms Smith.

“This is an interesting time for the industry, given the requirement this year for ASIC to review the regulations within which we operate. There are also huge changes taking place among the industry’s major operators, and it is encouraging that the conference attendees were supportive of these changes, including the acquisition of DAE by RCI.”

The conference was attended by 100 industry delegates, covering regulatory framework, product innovation, industry consolidation, and sales and marketing initiatives.

About Classic Holidays

Classic Holidays is Australasia’s largest Resort and Club Management Company, with over 65,000 member families and more than 30 properties under management across Australia and New Zealand. Classic Holidays provides flexible and affordable membership options for families to enjoy the highest quality holidays throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Part of the award-winning Beneficium group of companies, Classic Holidays has been named Best Management Company for six consecutive years in the global timeshare industry’s prestigious Perspective Magazine Awards, as well as Best Overall Company in 2017.

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