June 6, 2017 – With the global travel and tourism industry seeing geometric growth over the next 10 years, the online booking industry’s share of this business is growing at an even faster pace. The booking of vacation rentals online is leading such growth in both bookings and revenue. HeyBnb, a major global player in the alternate stay market, is integrating state-of-the-art user-friendly technology to facilitate ease of posting online properties for its hosts and a seamless intuitive booking process for its guests. Today, HeyBnb officially launches Virtual Front Desk[TM]¬†– its anytime anywhere customer service desk for both guests and hosts. “We are very excited to incorporate our hospitality focus for our guests and hosts. Virtual Front Desk[TM]¬†is the start of this platform and compliments our guest’s needs quite well as a result of our ‘Groupify’ campaign,” said¬†Kenny Blatt, HeyBnb Co-Founder and Director.

HeyBnb launched its ‘Groupify’ campaign last month to provide customized experiences to guests travelling in groups of 4-10 or more. Through this unique focus on group stays, HeyBnb promises to provide a wide selection of the most competitive offers and options for group travel. Its Virtual Front Desk[TM]¬†handles special group requests to help select and negotiate accommodations with our hosts. Travelers from different parts of the world can travel in groups and stay with their group and enjoy a unique personalized experience. Guests and hosts also have the ability to chat on the HeyBnb app which allows for a seamless booking process.

Rapidly expanding, HeyBnb is now present in 40+ countries including¬†Italy,¬†France,¬†Germany,¬†Austria, UK,¬†Spain,¬†Greece,¬†Denmark,¬†Sweden,¬†Cuba¬†and¬†the United States. Based in¬†Bangalore, India, HeyBnb is becoming the first choice for¬†India¬†nationals traveling abroad. With a presence in over 100 cities in¬†India¬†and¬†Southeast Asia, HeyBnb is cementing its hold on the local and inbound travel to major tourist destinations like¬†Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala,¬†Kashmir, Sikkim and¬†Bangkok. “HeyBnb’s growth has been contagious within¬†India¬†for inbound and outbound travelers along with our growing international customer bookings,” said Mr. Blatt.

About HeyBnb

Emerging as a swiftly growing global company, HeyBnb was established in late 2016. With its headquarters in Singapore and business operations in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, HeyBnb is a trusted online marketplace and hospitality service that provides users to list, explore and book short stay accommodations in India and around the world whether it be from a mobile phone, tablet or online. HeyBnb is currently operating in more than 100 cities in India and 40+ countries all over the world. With more than 40,000 listings, HeyBnb brings together hosts wishing to earn extra money from extra space in their properties and the travellers seeking comfortable and affordable alternate stays to book via online.

Founded by Kenny Blatt, Stan Dong and Nitesh Shetty, HeyBnb is the best accommodation partner of all flavours and sizes in the most affordable ranges.

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