The Latest and Best Travel Membership Program for Progressive Vacation Ownership


Orlando, Florida, March 6, 2017 (INTUITION) – American Resort Collection (ARC), the ultimate contemporary providers of leisure products and Vacation Ownership, has co-developed a new product with RCI and International Cruise & Excursions (I.C.E), Freedom 365, available to ARC members March 1st, 2017.


Freedom 365 is a long-term strategy to extend a new product to existing ARC vacation owners as well as introduce a compelling opportunity for future vacation ownership consumers. The program launch will provide access to exclusive travel offers to enhance members’ current ownership or, for those looking to end their ownership, the ability to continue to use their travel advantages at over 4,000 luxury resorts in more than 100 countries around the world.

The program was designed to build a lifetime relationship with customers to deliver a product that meets the needs of past, present and future vacation owners, and with resorts partnered with ARC. The program provides ARC Vacation Club members a new fit for purpose experience that incorporates the most current and first-rate travel offerings to service the widest demographics through various lengths of ownership.

The core of Freedom 365 provides member-only deeply discounted access to resorts, hotels, cruises and consumer products. The program is termed as a truly customizable design that meets the needs of each member, allowing individuals to accelerate or slow their membership usage to match the ebbs and flows of personal vacation needs.

The benefits extended to members with the launch of Freedom 365 include an annual allotment of Savings Dollars™ which can be redeemed for even greater discounts.  Members can earn additional Savings Dollars through Club transactions, such as referring friends and family or by using the Snap 365™ feature to purchase consumer products and services, ranging from coffee at Starbucks to theatre tickets.

American Resort Collection worked directly with RCI and I.C.E over an 18-month time period, leveraging RCI’s global resort reach and ICE’s marketplace strength in travel, cruises, and consumer goods. The co-development was strongly focused on expanding product lines to reach people who aren’t ready to commit to timeshare weeks, are looking for a shorter duration product, and those who are not yet ready to stop going on vacation but looking to sell their timeshare.

Club members that are not currently vacation owners are offered insight to the value of timeshare ownership with the addition of Freedom 365, presenting the opportunity to stay at ARC and affiliated properties to introduce members to eventually discover their future vacation home. The exclusive priority access to the ARC properties accompanied by longer booking windows for partners and traditional lodging packages presents a stable plan of action to acquaint prospective owners with properties, as well as replacing the streams of income on which the resort associations depend for their financial security by using that inventory for member fulfillment.

Freedom 365 is advantageous for both vacation owners looking to end their ownership but continue to use their travel perks and the health of the timeshare industry. The Club Memberships ensures fulfillment of ARC’s affiliated inventory without relying on thirds parties and has the ability to supplement owners’ Assessment Income stream with revenues generated through the new program’s member reservations.

ARC implements further options for those seeking to terminate ownership and continue to travel by offering vouchers for one or more years of use at their home resort. This affords flexibility to taper member vacation spending to meet their vacation needs with relief from more substantial obligations of deeded ownership.

American Resort Collection’s launch of Freedom 365 is the progressive choice for every generation of travelers. ARC is offering the full power of vacation ownership supported by a flexible benefits program to motivate members to engage in and positively influence the timeshare industry as a whole. Freedom 365 rethinks what it means to interact with travel and commerce, confirming ARC’s interest in staying in sync with where consumers are going and how they are getting there.



About American Resorts LLC

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