IMG_1795Coming in late 2015 “A new way to vacation worldwide™” by Owners Exchange™

Owners and consumers can now be connected on one unique patented platform use to “Exchange – Swap – Rent – Sell/Buy”™ timeshare, vacation points and real estate interests.

Owners Exchange™ has created, developed, trademarked and patented unique technology connecting owners and consumers on one platform, allowing them to control the pricing that fits within their needs and budgets using the Owners Exchange™ platform and parameters. Owners Exchange™ provides unique ways to communicate, market, become a trusted user and be notified with our trademarked and patented One -Click™ options; One -Click -Get Trusted™ through NTOA™, One- Click-Get Marketed™, One -Click- Get Notified™, One Click- Deed Transers™ and One-Click™ – Get Sold and Purchase™ allows users to control the whole experience. Users access thousands of resorts around the world making their vacation ownership purchases and exchanges stress free without long, nerve-racking timeshare presentations and high-pressure sales people so they can experience and enjoy new destinations.
Worldwide destinations by Owners Exchange™ are among the most popular and sought-after vacation destinations in the world. “Our objective in developing this technology was to connect owners and consumers with one platform to access the most sought-after destinations by Exchanging™ – Swapping™ – Renting ™– Selling/Buying™ vacations. We have developed partnerships throughout the industry providing consumers with exciting resort locations so they have the very best user and vacation experience. It’s time for change; the timeshare ownership business model is tired and broke giving our industry a bad reputation. Owners Exchange™ will revive the timeshare industry giving owners and consumers the confidence they need at reasonable prices which will increase owner satisfaction while decreasing owner delinquency”, says David DeShaw, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Owners Exchange™.
For those who want to spend their vacation traveling the world without paying outrageous fees to the major brands, Owners Exchange™ offers user-controlled pricing on purchases ($500 minimum – $5,000 maximum) allowing consumers to enjoy vacation ownership for many years to come. Owners, resorts and management companies control pricing along with keeping all of the proceeds, less a transaction fee at time of the completed transaction.
“The National Timeshare Owners Association is pleased to partner with Owners Exchange”, says Gregory Crist, CEO. “We fully expect this unique platform to revolutionize and improve many aspects of timeshare for consumers worldwide.”
The Owners Exchange™ network is a unique platform that empowers owners and consumers to control their pricing without paying upfront fees and commissions for exchanging™, swapping™, renting™, selling™ and buying™ of their vacation ownership and real estate interests. Owners Exchange™ users reasonably travel to a variety of sought-after resort destinations throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Dubai, the Caribbean and Australia.
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