Orlando, Florida, August 3, 2017 – (INTUITION) – staySky® Vacation Clubs, a premier membership-based program, has expanded its product line to provide the flexibility to experience the full benefits of a vacation membership club without the obligation of a lifetime with the recent launch of staySky® Your Way.

staySky® Vacation Clubs is committed to enhancing the quality of life through a world of vacations and knows that life changes all the time. staySky®’s Your Way product offers the full package of staySky® benefits, including the staySky® Escapes platform. The difference is the maximum membership commitment is only 17.5 years as opposed to 49 years or longer.

Your Way not only shortens the overall product term but offers members the option to opt-out of use rights at every 35-month interval. If the member decides that they can no longer meet the annual maintenance fee commitment, the member can elect to forgo their membership use rights and discontinue paying maintenance fees for their membership. Alternatively, members may use their membership points to pay their annual maintenance fees through the staySky® Escapes program. Your Way reinvents the traditional structure for maintenance fees, providing consumers a much more flexible product.

staySky® Vacation Clubs new program is perfect for those that are not looking to make a long-term commitment but want the freedom for more travel flexibility, savings and time spent with friends without having to pay the full price for a traditional 49-year or longer vacation membership club product.

staySky® Vacation members can use their points on vacation accommodations at any of the staySky® Vacation Clubs properties or by exchanging points through staySky®’s   Interval International Gold membership program which spans across over 80 countries at almost 3,000 affiliate resorts. Through staySky® Escapes or Interval International Gold, membership points can also be spent on travel upgrades, discount hotel and cruise options, shopping, dining, activities and cultural experiences like cycling across Europe, as well as access to entertainment tickets and venues.

With staySky® Stay Simple Membership Plans members can stay happily in control of their vacation destiny with so many product options available. staySky® Vacation Clubs even offers an 18-month sampler of their staySky® Escapes benefit with the staySky® Explorer product to try out the membership lifestyle that works best for them.

To learn more about how to enjoy the simple pleasures of vacation, visit the staySky® website.


About staySky® Vacation Clubs

staySky® Vacation Clubs is a membership-based program offering superior vacations worldwide in addition to its own four Orlando, Florida-based resorts: Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista, staySky® Suites-I Drive Orlando, and Enclave Suites. For more information, visit stayskyvacationclubs.com