July 3, 2017 – Tip Sheet by Deed and Record explains how to change ownership of Nevada timeshares. Ownership change is needed for divorce, marriage, to add or remove relatives, to fund trusts and to give away a timeshare. In Nevada, timeshares are treated as real property. Real property ownership transfers are by deed.

A deed is a paper, signed by the current owner, acknowledged before a notary, that transfers the current owner’s interest to a new owner. In addition to an acknowledged signature by the owner, the deed must name the new owner and the new owner’s address. The deed must also contain a legal description of the real property and a property tax number.

Nevada maintains real property ownership records by county. Most Nevada timeshares are located either in Las Vegas or around Lake Tahoe. Las Vegas timeshares are recorded in Clark County. Lake Tahoe timeshares are recorded in either Washoe County or Douglas County.

After the deed has been recorded, a copy of the recorded deed must be provided to the timeshare company to update its records. The timeshare company will have its own paperwork to complete and its own charge.

Nevada timeshare ownership change is by deed recorded in the county where the timeshare is located. The recorded deed is provided to the timeshare company to update its ownership records. Change in ownership is needed for divorce, marriage, to add or remove a co-owner, to fund a trust and to gift a timeshare.

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