INTUITION, a business strategy firm specializing in the vacation club industry, with clients spanning six continents has revealed that clients attribute savings in marketing budget to the success of its automated member referral program.

INTUITION creates highly customized non-buyer and existing member referral programs for vacation clubs that incentivize customers to refer friends and family. These types are programs are not new, however, INTUITION’s approach is far from the traditional.

Available as a standalone service, or in conjunction with other services such as its Sales Center Survey solution and SMS Data Capture service, the referral program is fully automated and driven by existing and newly acquired customer data to dynamically personalize the content delivered to each individual, providing better conversion rates.

“Our clients invest significant money in each prospective new member, so our services are designed to help generate ancillary income from those that do not buy the originally intended membership.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing. “This could be from encouraging the customer to purchase a smaller trial membership or a promotional offer that will give them a chance to purchase again, or simply to refer friends and benefit that way. Each path produces potential future or immediate revenue for the vacation club, and all referrals that take a sales presentation continue to reduce their overall marketing spend.”

The referral program continues to encourage customers for up to 12 months from the date of the first contact using a strategy that automatically adjusts based on individual customer interaction with content and any new data collected along the way.

INTUITION as a whole focuses on four key areas and has expanded its services in each of these areas in recent months. The company offers a hybrid analysis/services approach, where consulting blends with its own services and integrated strategic partner solutions, enabling clients to primarily deal with just one vendor who oversees the project, while receiving the benefits of several vendor products and services.

Going beyond traditional consulting, INTUITION uses its technological approach to analyze a business’s health to find areas of success and areas for improvement across sales, marketing and operations. This information can either be used by the client to make their own adjustments, or they can engage INTUITION to fulfill and manage some or all of the required needs. Some of the analysis services that can be performed include Sales Performance, Marketing Strategies, Brand Marketing, Product Enhancement, Departmental Analysis, Inventory Acquisition, and Delinquency Solutions.

INTUITION is renowned for its innovative approaches to AI-based Marketing Automation and effective SMS Marketing and Lead Capture but has recently sourced suitable Tour Generation services and Tour Incentives to complete the pre-sales presentation offerings. From putting heads in beds to day drives to data capture to fuel call centers to reservation feedback and automated reminders, INTUITION now provides a fully-integrated marketing service.

In addition to offering the industry’s leading sales closing tool; The Vacation SafeGuard Loyalty Cash Back Program, INTUITION offers highly customized sales analytics and scheduled reporting combined with its real-time sales center survey; which identifies areas for improvement in presentations, sales teams and sales individuals. Recently, INTUITION has added Non-Buyer and Referral Programs, plus an optional Travel Club component and other Membership Add-Ons to further improve value proposition. Recruitment services and leadership training and culture programs are also available to improve the retention and performance of employees.

All other services, one way or another fall into the area of operations. Popular services include post-stay surveys with integrated TripAdvisor Review Collection, which combined with INTUITION’s advanced analytics engine offers the most powerful and relevant information delivered automatically to designated departments throughout an organization. On-Site Feedback is also a main component for most clients; including customized programs for customer engagement by email, SMS and social media to quickly and easily attend to any question, request or concern. INTUITION also offers a plethora of other services to assist operations including but not limited to Member Communications, PR Writing and Syndication, Social Media Management, Review Monitoring and automated analysis and scheduled reporting of any data-set to speed up manual processes and increase the accuracy of shared data.

INTUITION provides services to over 400 hotels, resorts and sales centers within the vacation ownership industry throughout North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East in multiple languages.

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Trusted by companies around the globe, INTUITION is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with their guests through custom-built sales, marketing, and customer engagement strategies. Offering unrivaled insights, analytics, and automated reporting, INTUITION provides clearly defined areas for improvement across all aspects of sales, marketing and resort operations in order to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. For more information visit