Clark RowleyThe Licensed Timeshare Resales Brokers Association (LTRBA) announced March 1, 2015, their slate of the board of directors. Clark Rowley, RRP, Vice President of Sales for SmartChoice Timeshare Resales and Luxury Residence Club Resales, Authorized Resale Broker for Four Seasons Residence Clubs, (Scottsdale, AZ) was elected as President of the Board. David Cortese, Broker and President of Magical Realty (Orlando FL.) was elected Vice President; Delva Glick with Resort Property Marketing International Real Estate, (Quitman, AR), Treasurer, and Tom Kessler, Agent with Magical Realty, Secretary (Orlando, FL). LTRBA Directors are Judi Kozlowski, RE/Max Properties S.W.,( Orlando, FL,) Caryn Cook , Timeshare Liquidators, (Palm Springs, CA), Jodi Lynn Martin, Five Star Realty, (Montgomery, TX) Shelley Preece , TransAction Realty, (Park City, Utah), and Nancy Snyder with Magical Realty, (Orlando, FL). The LTRBA also announced Julie Parent as the Association’s new Executive Director.

The Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association is an organization of experienced, licensed real estate professionals who adhere to the highest level of business ethics. In an industry that is often overshadowed by unscrupulous practices and outright scams, the “LTRBA Member” designation provides consumers a way of distinguishing brokers and agents who subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics from those whose practices involve upfront fees to list, advertise, or “dispose of” timeshares that are coming under increasingly-intense legal scrutiny by states across the country.

Committed to placing the best interest of their clients before their own, professional representation by an LTRBA member assures consumers a safe and legitimate platform for buying and selling timeshares, without upfront fees, and provides resources for those who have been victimized by scams.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]Newly-elected President, Clark Rowley, stated, “The next 2 years will be focused on expanding the membership of the association, along with the educational resources offered to consumers and brokers a like thereby creating more relevance for the entire group,” Rowley stated.[/dt_quote]

LTRBA members offer a broad range of expertise in the timeshare industry, bringing many decades of experience that they openly share with timeshare consumers.

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