hsiWe recently spoke to HSI and asked, with another benchmark reached, what is next?

PM: We hear nothing but good things about HSI. We know HSI was founded in 1993, and we know HSI services a global clientele, but tell us more about your Custom Solutions. What are Custom Solutions?
HSI: Custom Solutions are exactly what the name implies- products/services customized to specific needs that help our partners achieve their specific performance goals. They solve problems, enhance performance and impact the bottom line. From lead generation and occupancy solutions, to sales tools, member benefits, financial services and more. Custom Solutions are made possible by leveraging HSI’s core competencies to provide products/ services that positively impact every aspect of our industry. The catalyst for this is a massive in-house infrastructure that ensures reliable and sustainable delivery. When our infrastructure and core competencies are combined, the results are simply outstanding for both HSI and our partners.

PM: So what are these core competencies?

HSI: There are three core competencies that I should mention, which are embedded throughout our business:

1. Technology: HSI is a technology company with award-winning, proprietary technologies that enable us to deliver extremely customized and uniquely specific solutions for our partners. These include customized member benefit systems, online booking systems, point systems/enhancements, loyalty systems, gift card systems and other lead generation systems, admin systems, and much more.

2. Travel Aggregator: As a travel aggregator we deliver more travel options worldwide than the top four largest OTAs combined, and we continue to expand. We actually offer more options than virtually any other single travel company and back it up with the world’s most generous best-price guarantees. We choose to specialize in only the highest quality offerings, and then leverage our infrastructure to help our partners enhance their value proposition, generate new revenue and expand their demographic market.

3. Exclusive Timeshare Services: As an industry innovator, we provide exclusive private client services not available through other companies. These award-winning services include white-labeled value enhancements, owner flexibility options, financial services that pay Maintenance Fees, and much more. These services deliver a competitive edge that increase sales, upgrades and customer satisfaction, which results in increased profit.

PM: You mentioned that you are positively impacting every aspect of
the industry, give us some examples.

HSI: We’re seeing great results in every segment where we have relationships, including lead generation, sales tools, benefit enhancement, trial programs, non-buyer recycling, maintenance fee collections, upgrades, technology, occupancy, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and retention.

PM: Can you tell us more about which Custom Solutions are impacting what areas and how you measure that impact?

HSI: The key phrase we like to use is “measurable results”. Our lead generation and occupancy solutions are helping partners throughout the world, which is measured by heads in beds and tours in sales rooms. Our sales solutions are measured by increased revenue, efficiency, sales, upgrades, trial programs and conversions. Our service is measured by customer satisfaction. Our revenue sharing, financial services and loyalty services are measured by their impact on the bottom line. All of these areas are performing at or above our promised performance levels, and our partners are happy, which is the ultimate outcome.

PM: What are you referring to when you talk about surpassing $40 Million in Maintenance Fees paid?

HSI: This is a good example of how our infrastructure, combined with our core competencies, produces creative solutions that have a positive impact in multiple ways, including sales, Maintenance Fee receivables and customer satisfaction. For many years, HSI has offered an honest Maintenance Fee assistance program that actually pays Maintenance Fees for owners. Custom Solutions packages this service in a variety of ways, depending on our partner’s needs. These packages include loyalty credits, points redemption options, Cash Exchange®, among others. While there are companies that attempt to copy us, HSI remains the only company to actually pay cash to owners related to their Maintenance Fees. Earlier this year, we surpassed $40 Million in Maintenance Fees paid. That’s over $40,000,000.00 in Maintenance Fees that would have otherwise gone unpaid. This is cash money, not useless coupons or credits that have redemption limits, breakage and devaluation. This cash has benefited over 1,500 timeshare properties and HOAs. Additionally, this benefit not only impacts Maintenance Fee receivables, it also has a significant impact on sales, upgrades, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty (to our partner’s brand).

PM: What’s new and what’s next for HSI?
HSI: We continue to add new features and new products/services for our partners. We now provide full service in seven (7) languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian). We have many exciting new partner relationships launching. We have another 200,000+ hotels currently being added to our infrastructure, which will increase us to over 700,000 (3-5 star) hotels in over 180 countries, among other valuable member benefits.

PM: For those thinking about working with HSI, what would you say to them?

HSI: That’s easy; just contact us for a confidential conversation. We’re at the cutting edge, and far ahead of the competition in many areas. We remain current and relevant, fully in sync with consumer leisure spending behavior. We’re all about results and the needs of our partners. What separates us from other companies is the diversity of our infrastructure, our generosity and our unique ability to customize for our partners. Our partners select from an impressive array of benefits that are properly aligned with consumer spending behaviors. Our partners also maintain full control over benefit pricing, profit and even what currency is used by their members (i.e. cash, points, reward credits, etc.). No other company in the industry provides such dynamic options and controls. Our systems include 100% member activity transparency 24/7, providing the industry’s only full visibility.

Custom Integration
Benefits are integrated EASILY and QUICKLY using the integration options of choice (privatebranded, co-branded, third-party branded, etc.). Our technology allows many user interface options, including custom integration to existing technology, separate URL integration, and more. Partners also have the ability to choose their desired benefit currency used by their members (i.e. cash, club points, reward credits, etc.). Our user interface options are award-winning and customized to include member video tutorials, online booking systems, and much more, all fully supported in 7 languages.

Loyalty Systems
HSI was the first company to allow timeshare intervals to be converted to ancillary travel (without devaluation) and the only company to convert to cash. These services can also fund loyalty programs for our partners. We work with existing loyalty program points, or we can provide a new loyalty program created by HSI. In each case, we actually FUND the loyalty program with U.S. dollars. These loyalty points can then be redeemed for many valuable services, even resort activities (spa treatments, extra room nights, etc.) or resort services (maintenance fee payments, upgrades, etc.).

Revenue Sharing
In addition to the revenue generated from increased sales, upgrades, customer loyalty, and maintenance fee payments, our Custom Solutions include generous revenue sharing from member use. This allows our partners to capture more of their member’s disposable income, even when they travel by tour package half way around the world. The more members who use their benefits, the more money our partners make.

HSI is the right partner for the future, with over 21 years of exceptional performance and measurable results. HSI does not offer smokeand- mirror programs, breakage products or a short-term success model. Once we begin a relationship, sales increase, rescission decreases, member retention improves, delinquencies decrease and revenues go up. All of our services are provided through our in-house proprietary systems (we do not use 3rd-party service companies). HSI’s infrastructure is vast and proven, with a culture of generosity, ethics and partner loyalty. A partnership with HSI means many years of positive growth through an arsenal of scalable and sustainable products and services. With HSI, partners always remain relevant and valuable in the eyes of their existing and prospective customers. HSI partners find HSI responsive to their needs and able to take their ideas and vision from the drawing board to reality.

HSI, over 21 years of exceptional performance!

Want to learn more about HSI? Please contact them at:
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