There are many challenges facing the timeshare industry, and at CLC World Resorts & Hotels these are being met in exciting ways that are bringing results and changing the face of sales.

Eran Revivo, Group Sales & Marketing Director, points to how the company business model has radically altered to meet changes in a marketplace where savvy customers seek the latest technological innovations, increasingly buy online and are confident to switch suppliers when not satisfied!

He says: “The recession saw us retrench and reduce first time sales operations. Now we are expanding again. Over the last few years we have rebuilt, retrained and realigned our whole sales and marketing structures for the future.”

Code of Conduct regulations with their insistence on no deposit, cooling off and exit strategies; exposure through Social Media review sites; mobile technology… these are all strongly influencing the way the industry does business and CLC World, which has been working hard in recent years to have all these bases covered, is stepping up to the plate.

Interactive and constantly updated multi-media presentations, with transparent, non pressure sales are part of the new face of timeshare. At CLC World these methods are effectively shifting perception to the point where clients post online reviews to say how much they enjoyed the experience.

“The old style hard sell has become a much more relaxed introduction to opt into a membership or ownership.”

The company’s data base is constantly expanded with highly qualified prospects generated through online activities and owner referrals. “We are having great success selling our terrific value promotional holidays. These give families a CLC World holiday experience in a choice of Costa del Sol, Tenerife and Turkey, during which a sizeable percentage choose to purchase some form of ownership,” explains Eran.

And CLC World’s bold strategy of introducing highly sophisticated CLC World Centres at the heart of major UK cities will see a third opening in Manchester in 2016, then a fourth city location; following those of Regent St, London, last year and Birmingham central in 2015, which are creating a high volume flow of prospects to its on sites.

He adds: “More, and better, marketing means we are finishing the recession with a wealth of new prospects at our resorts.”


Within this new scenario, recruitment remains an ongoing challenge; especially for Project Directors and senior sales managers with the talent and skill to embrace new methods and motivate great presenters, without using pushy techniques or old style ‘hard sell’. The company’s philosophy for the past five years has been to draw people from all walks of life, and with more new CLC World Centres in the pipeline, great career opportunities continue to be offered.

“The marketplace has changed and buyers demand credibility and high level
professionalism. It’s essential we offer the best of everything,” says Managing Director Martyn Aldridge.

CLC World has embraced this with:
• The most up-to-date sales decks in vibrant locations, on and off site
• Totally transparent sales practices
• A dedicated recruitment and training department giving full and ongoing support to recruits
• A flexible and varied product range
• Constantly updated electronic presentations
• Electronic monitoring of the sales pitch
• Making the experience enjoyable while ensuring the client can make a fully informed choice.

Martyn explains: “For all this to work the way we want, we need the best people. We are always looking to recruit and the finest can expect career advancement, great sales incentives and the awards and parties that bond the team. It is only by being excellent that we can expect to achieve the results we have planned for.”

CLC World is visibly in expansion mode, opening new sales centres and increasing its on-site marketing promotions at its resorts, at the same time capitalising on its continued success and expansion as a developer and marketer of high quality, resort based freehold homes in high demand holiday locations.

Eran finishes by saying: “What we are doing here at CLC World represents a big investment now for the future; there couldn’t be a better time for joining us to be part of our next stage of growth.”